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Hey, Visitor! Welcome to TechSpotz, abbreviated as TS. A blog about blogging, technology, and SEO! TS was created on 10 April 2014 by Sasidharan Muthusamy, where first only tech updates, gadget reviews were covered, and later Blogging niche was introduced here and become one of the major topics here.

Man Behind Techspotz!

Sasidharan is a 19-year-old student and engineer based out of India. He was born in Kuwait and spent his childhood split between India and Oman. Currently working toward his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at SASTRA University, he has already earned a reputation for himself as someone who adapts to new situations quality and finds the resources and motivation that he needs to make a strong, positive impact in any environment. In addition to technology, he is interested in business, aiming to become an entrepreneur in the field of robotics.

Sasidharan first began using a computer when he was only three, and he took up the Internet when he was seven. From age ten forward, he was spending between five and six hours of each day in front of a computer, checking out new gadgets and learning all that he could. He later took up blogging and YouTube content creation as his hobbies, launching the Techspotz blog in 2014. Immediately this blog made a splash, and since its debut, he has moved into other niches as well.

Sasidharan is an expert with regards to Java, HTML, CSS, C++, C, and C#, and he is in the process of mastering JavaScript, PHP, and Python. He has also spent time learning about microcontrollers such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
Outside of the tech world, Sasidharan’s pastimes include football, computer games, drawing, and travel.

More About Techspotz

Techspotz’s mission is to deliver breaking tech news and publish some tutorials on online web marketing, easy money making and basic computer guides and some computer Tricks. Technology has always been a fascinating and engrossing aspect of the world, which lead me to start writing about it. I will be providing basic tutorials on blogging and expert SEO advice in this same blog! So, it is a great place for people who blog and also a Tech Lover.

Techspotz will soon be recognized as a popular brand in technology cum blogging niche sites. Techspotz will provide breaking tech news and some crispy facts about technology up to date! Techspotz will also provide you some gadget reviews, upcoming popular once and also some tricks and tips about gadgets and computer tutorials. Apart from this topic, Techspotz will also shoot some articles on Best & Easy methods of money making.

I am planning to upgrade Techspotz with hosting(self). A user-friendly android app which will allow you to get all tech updates in your smartphone notification. And also planning to publish some books on blogging and SEO topics. Techspotz will be updated in all aspects of user interference and we will provide you the best experience online enjoying about tech news and blogging tuts! Our aim is to provide readers with high quality, innovative and productive stuff in the field of Technology and Gadgets! Stay tuned with Techspotz to know more…!

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