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Agricultural Drones for Spraying Pesticides in India

Agricultural drones are changing the way farming sector operated globally as well as in India. These unmanned aerial vehicles are extensively helping farmers to take care of their crops – right from surveillance to spraying pesticides, drone technology has undoubtedly helped today’s farmers to practice precision farming and have a successful yield. Equipped with a tank and a sprayer, these GPS enabled flying gadgets help in efficient crop management. The farmers can use it for having a bird’s eye view of his field, followed by identification of the trouble spots. However, the prime use of these drones is to spray herbicides and fungicides as and when required, without much of a hassle.

Periodical survey of crops can also be done by agricultural drones. More and more farmers are now getting encouraged to use this technology for best farming results with minimal environmental impact of pesticides. Drone spraying can be monitored and controlled quite easily.

Drones for Pesticides spraying in India

Advantages of Agricultural Drones:

  • Enhanced productivity – drones equipped with specialized sensors help in improving production and crop yields.
  • Adaptation to climate change – right imaging equipment and sensors can detect dry zones and gauge water levels at various corners of the field and adjust accordingly.
  • Reduction in pollution – precise amount of chemicals are sprayed, thereby controlling waste that basically flows into the water bodies and pollutes the environment.

EFT E410S is one such agriculture spraying drone that is economical and a must have for efficient results in the field. This agricultural drone is faster, and can operate over an area of 400-600 mu per day, which is almost 50 times that of manual work.

How Effective is EFT E410S

This specific EFT agriculture spraying drone is Eco-friendly, as it saves water and chemicals and helps in reduction of soil pollution. Under wind pressure, the atomized liquid pesticide is distributed to all levels of the crop with the wind force, so that pests and germs have nowhere to hide, and due to its rapid operations, large scale crops can be simultaneously managed to achieve the effect of unified control.

EFT E410S is equipped with an advanced flight control mechanism that can realize the functions like autonomous operation, one-key take-off and landing, terrain following and fixed height flight. Its microwave radar can predict the distance between the aircraft and the crop, so that this agriculture spraying drone can fly at a constant distance to ensure even spraying across. This agriculture drone is highly reliable and is equipped with efficient power management system, with real-time monitoring.

Powerful battery supports low voltage voice alarm too; this spraying drone can also be fitted with a high precision liquid level sensor, so as to monitor the dosage of pesticide in real time, and send out alarm whenever the pesticide tank empties up.

The ground station software of EFT E410S helps to monitor the flight status on a real-time basis, and can measure the block coordinates. It also supports the voice alarm and flight parameter setting functions for a better control.

Unique Features of EFT E410S

  • Its new industrial design provides with a waterproof. This model of agricultural drone has integrated power system which adopts FOC sinusoidal drive scheme. It is powerful and durable with high efficiency. Sleek design, streamlined body that is washable directly.
  • It has some cool modern tail light design. These aerial sprayers come with the flight controller indicator which is waterproof and concise. There is also a USB slot. Settings can be conveniently adjusted without removing the canopy.
  • The new injection molded folding parts are strong and durable. The bracket design can support the powerful motor when the arm is folded, avoiding the sagging of the arm during transportation.
  • The hidden distribution board is there to isolate power supply and signals. The concise wiring optimizes the internal electromagnetic environment of the aircraft.
  • With a reinforced power plug it is secured and strong. The main power cable exits from the side, whereas the battery interface is fixed on the side of the landing skid to avoid any obstruction of the plug while replacing the battery.
  • It has an integrated and ready to use propulsion system which is waterproof and dust proof. It can withstand harsh climatic conditions yet do its job smoothly.
  • Ground station software for this agriculture spraying drone has an integrated function of flight data monitoring, advanced dashboard, status alarm, remote control, route planner and electronic map.
  • The radio controller has inbuilt data-link and radio link with a range of 8 – 10 km.

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Final Words…

Drone spraying is made easy and convenient with some key features that’s central theme of EFT E410S. Following are some of the key specs.

Undoubtedly, agricultural drones are the future of farming in India. However, the bylaws and regulations are a bit stricter and should be kept in mind while investing into it. India has a NPNT clause, which is ‘No permission – no take-off’ policy. This means that the drone you get for yourself needs to be configured with a special software and hardware in such a manner that unless the regulatory permission is given through Digital Sky Platform, the drone cannot fly.

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