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Kodi is an open source software whose sole purpose is entertainment. It is a streaming app, and if whatever be your likes, be it sports, movies, reality shows, serials, or the serious stuff like news, this app is an all in one package. Kodi turns your device into a streamer, so you can now stream files from the net, local storage or any home network.

Kodi is not one of those apps which are held back due to licensing. It has a feature which the makers call “10-foot UI”, which makes the browsing through contents quite simple. It allows the contents to be read from a 10 feet distance. Kodi is compatible with any device. You won’t have any issues with Linux, Android, OS X or Windows.


For the IOS users, you got to do one extra step. Be sure that you jailbreak your device before downloading Kodi.Coming to the add-ons part, you will come across the official add-ons and the third party ones. Nothing to worry about the official ones, but be careful with the third party add-ons. The rules will vary depending on the country, hence make sure that the free add-ons coming from a third party are legal in your country.

Best Kodi Add-ons

  1. Covenant:

    Covenant has turned out to be the best Kodi Add-ons according to the VPN ranks. So, the obvious question, why? You can yourselves try it out, the vast content library. You may take some time in selecting a video to watch out of the available choices. Be it the newly released movies, the latest episodes of the trending TV series’, Covenant has everything you need. You just need to know the title of the content you want to watch.

  2. Youtube:

    Yeah, as some of you guys would have already guessed, the best video service right now, also has an add-on for this app. Youtube has got the attention from users all over the world. Whatever be the language, the area of interest, Youtube is always the first choice for most of the people, especially when it comes to videos in their language. The evergreen classics, documentaries, educational stuff, lectures, TED talks, Youtube has it all. Youtube remembers your frequently viewed videos and also new suggestions will be related to your recent searches. This is a must have add-on if you are a Kodi user.


    A famous Kodi add-on. The name will tell you the reason why, there is no age limit for anime, and for the anime lovers, this is a must just like an email id. It offers a huge collection of anime episodes in HD quality. Obviously, you don’t want to watch Naruto or Death Note in anything less than HD. With a variety of series, attractive and easy to go through layout, this one will make you love the manga. This would be the best choice to watch anime.

  4. Football Repeat:

    Football Repeat is an add-on that provides thousands of football videos. You could get previous match highlights, goals, assists, saves, etc, whatever league it may be, be it Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, you don’t have to search for more. It is designed for the football fans. Obviously, no one would be bored in watching a football match again, you won’t get the chance to miss any match when you have this add-on in Kodi.

  5. Exodus:

    Exodus is an add-on well known in the pirated video streaming community. It is one of the unofficial Kodi add-ons. It is one of the coolest add-ons, but if you are a user who wouldn’t like to go with the pirated stuff, then you got to avoid this. Most of the videos available here are illegally pirated. Well, if that is not an issue, this is one place where you will find a wide range of videos, go back to the 1960s or be it the latest releases.

  6. PlayStation Vue:

    PlayStation now offers the users a TV streaming facility, the PlayStation Vue (the PS Vue Add-on). You can get it through Official Kodi Add-on Repository. This add-on is worth the price, it comes not only with DVD option so that you guys can record movies or other videos, but also you get the advantage of movies on demand. So, you don’t have to pay your cable service provider. You can get this add-on with ease, create an account, PS Vue comes to you once you have provided your account credentials.

  7. USTV Now:

    This service was designed especially for the US military. Yeah, but not just for the military men and women, anyone one can give it a try. A pretty interesting one, but not for free. So, if you don’t want to pay $19 for cables, just leave it. There is a better option with $39 and unlimited DVR offer. You get access to any movies, TV shows, new or old. You can also save the videos on DVR to watch it later.

  8. Genesis Reborn:

    Genesis Reborn by the name itself says what it is, the rebirth of an old pirate streaming add-ons in Kodi. The working is similar to that of Exodus add-on, just bringing a pirated content from its location and then streaming it in Kodi. Leave the pirated part, as for content, this add-on provides you with a huge collection old or new. Again, if you are looking for legally available stuff, this is not for you.

  9. Stream Engine:

    A non-stop entertainment service, especially for live sports. So, if you are a sports guy, Stream Engine is for you. It does offer other videos also, TV series, classic movies, etc. Stream Engine also provides the users an option to stream many other channels like ESPN, NBA TV, Sky Sports and more. Not just entertainment, you could also stream channels like National Geography, Discovery, etc.

These are few of the best add-ons that come along with Kodi, meeting the requirements of the people of all interests. You can try any of these according to the variety of videos you would like to watch.

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