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Samsung 360 Degrees 3D Video Capturing Camera

The 360 degrees’ camera seems to be a growing trend, and indeed Samsung has got an interesting prototype. It is not a natural product with a shipping, but it is an interesting prototype to show some of their technology. They have got a 360-degree 3D 4K camera. It can be 2D or 3D, and it is made up of 16 lenses arranged 360 degrees and then one lens or one camera on the top to give you the full 360. On the top of that, it has six microphones, so you are capturing fully immersive audio in 360 degrees shooting. It shoots at 25 to 230 frames per second depending on territory, and it will save to micro SD or externally SSD. It is also capable of doing live streaming so you can live stream 360 degree 3K video directly from it.

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There is an awful lot of 360 cameras in the market, and there is a lot of people trying to use 360 degrees in different places. Using the 360-degree camera in live concerts and events makes it interesting. It is magnificent for education as well. This is a very exciting technology that Samsung. The 2017 model of the Samsung 360 is much smaller and designed with a handle. Its battery can last up to 2hours in the 2K recording. You can also live broadcast the 360 video to YouTube, Facebook and VR. Samsung has decided to support iOS. Samsung expects to release the camera by April or May where there’s no price in the change in the price range.

The camera can be mounted on a tripod stand. It weighs about 130 grams, and the main unique feature of the camera is it can live to stream the video to social media websites. It can capture with a resolution of 4096. It has an XPS of 24 frames per second. USB C port to charge the camera. It can resist some water splashes and some slight rain as well.

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