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Best Night Mode Apps for Android Users

Night Mode Apps is most important thing for the person who uses their android mobile during the night time. Now days our smartphones are making us lose the sleep, not only because of the reason of addictive another reason is that it emits lots of blue light. Those things suppress the production of melanin and the hormone that aids our sleep cycles. To avoid all those things look into this article which gives the complete solution to come out of those problems. There are certain Android screen dimmers available that will be more helpful for the people to overcome those problems.

night mode apps

Best Night Mode Apps:

Here in this article, I am going to explain the complete details about the apps available for the smartphones to overcome these problems.

  • Twilight

Twilight has become the most and best choice for screen dimmer in past few years and still now among people in the better way. It has only the simple steps to step up, the only thing to do is to turn on the Automatic location and adjust the temperature, intensity, as well as the dim screen settings for linking. There are certain options for the permanent notification that can be used to turn on and off the Twilight faster.

  • lux for Android

F.lux will be the best app for old school cool, which can be used on the computers too. It gets established recently and starts moving faster among the people in the better way, but the thing still in beta it requires the root access. It has the scheduling option that allows you to choose the option; then it was dimming the screen until you get fully awake rather than bringing to the full brightness at sunrise. This app will be more helpful for using the Smartphone at the middle of night. Then there is Darkroom mode that offers the haunting red text over the black background. Only downside of this app is you’ll need root access for it to work.

  • lumen

Cf.lumen will be the best option to operate, that works much better. Just without the root access app gets screen overlay where the quality is lower than the rooted method. The most important thing is that the color filters can be adjusted very precisely with the color charts as well as by demonstrating how the adjustments will affect the screen. There are the options to aid those which suffer from the colorblindness. It has the best and specific option to set the start and end times by examining when the screen needs to be at maximum darkness.

  • Bluelight Filter

Bluelight Filter is the most popular app that gets available in the Google App store where the app is most user-friendly interface. Similar to the Twilight it gets incorporates with the notification bar that you can easily enable or disable the filter faster and better. To get the all the features from this app that thing needs to get some addition apps for scheduling the night mode. It offers the simple set up process to get the thing on your Smartphone.

But one thing you’ve be aware of, when using these blue light filter night mode apps is that these apps might cause an error on Android phones above Android 5.0 Lollipop called Screen overlay detected. This is normal as these apps use screen overlay to display the red colored screen. You can follow this guide to know how to remove screen overlay detected on Android.

I hope this clears all your doubts on Blue light filter apps that you can use in the night to reduce strain for your eyes. Do use the apps we listed and keep your eyes healthy at night!

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