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WordPress plugin to maximize Flipkart affiliate revenue

According to Technorati, there are more than 4 million blogs in India and approximately 2.5 lakh bloggers.

The main intention of the bloggers is to build a passive income by serving quality content to their subscribers.

When it comes to monetization bloggers first choose Adsense or any other equal ad serving agents but after the advent of adblockers, the revenue generated from AdSense reduced exponentially.

Hubspot in a report revealed that the world-famous adblocker AdBlock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times and 64% of internet users are annoyed by ads on the website they view.

So, to counter this shortfall bloggers incorporated affiliate marketing to accelerate their revenue.

But when it comes to affiliate marketing most bloggers have chosen e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay or Etsy, and few chosen commission junction, Shareasale, and Clickbank etc.,

Flipkart an electronic e-commerce industry started by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal registered at Singapore but operating only in India is one of the competitors for Amazon India followed by Sanapdeal and shopclues.

With 100 million registered users Flipkart is as popular as Amazon in terms of quality of the service and products from the sellers. Many Indian bloggers are equally promoting Flipkart products in selected categories for desi Flipkart Lovers.

This article will be useful for present or future Flipkart affiliates to accelerate their sales.

WP Flipkart Importer to maximize Flipkart affiliate revenue

WP Flipkart Importer is a WordPress plugin which auto blog about the selected products.

You can set the category and number of posts to be published every day and based on the keyword Flipkart importer will choose the product, auto blog and publish it on your blog.

How to setup

  1. 1.Download the free WPFlipkart importer WordPress plugin from WP plugin store.
  2. Add details to the importer API like Affiliate Id and Flipkart Affiliate Token.wp plugin affiliate

    To find Id and Token go to your Flipkart affiliate dashboard and Under API on the left-hand side click API Token. Copy the token and Id and paste it on Importer.

  3. Import Keyword – You can enter keywords based on your niche.For example, if you are writing about gadgets enter mobiles, tablets or laptops.

Based on the keyword, Importer will auto blog.

I have given mobile as keyword and it published two articles about latest mobiles available on Flipkart store.

wp plugin affiliate post preview

You can also select under which category the post must be published.

Maximum per day it does 10 auto blog.

Adjust number of posts to be published every day by setting “Run Every”

In “Display Template ” you can add or reduce details of the products to appear on the blog. To add more details click “more” under the text box.

Once you are done with configuration don’t forget to make Feed status Active else it won’t appear.

If you don’t want the post to appear on your blog feed anymore you can simply Trash the respective post under Posts->All posts on your WordPress dashboard.

P Flipkart Importer will reduce your time considerably to write about any latest gadgets but don’t overproduce.

Two or three Autoblog in a week in any selected niche is better.

Affiliate marketing is a low investment and high return marketing for both advertisers and publishers and it is in exponential growth in India, making best out of it is in the hands of the blogger.

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