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Videos as GIF’s from WhatsApp, Coming Soon!

In the recent past, the famous messenger app has been publishing new updates often and we can say that there are many new updates which will be coming soon. Recently, there have many different messaging apps coming into the market, but we can say that WhatsApp still has managed to hold the top spot. There many different messaging apps which people use and each app possess different features.

Skype is considered to be one of the best apps in making high definition video calls with our friends and relatives. In the past, there was a new update from WhatsApp, where we can make video calls as well. It is said that Google’s Allo might slay the popularity of WhatsApp, though the app has been recently launched. There are many different apps which are coming up in the market, to curb the popularity which WhatsApp holds.

It is an undeniable fact that people around the people most probably prefer to use this messenger app when compared to the other existing popular apps. The company has been creating new features and updates for the app and it is quite interesting the way in which the app is being designed and modifications are made in it.

WhatsApp is considered to be one of the best online messaging platforms, where we can send and receive countless messages and multimedia, all we need to be connected to the internet, as simple as that. It has been around 7 years now, since the time the app was launched for the public usage. They have made it through to this extent and the numbers are increasing consistently.

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It is not only on the rise in the number of the user database but the explicit and interesting features as well. Though there have many different features available in the app. There have been many numerous updates from WhatsApp in the recent times, right from the video calling feature to the location sharing (Beta version). But, the users had issues for not being able to send the videos as GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

Previously, we used to be able to send and receive videos as multimedia, to watch the video we need to download it. Later came an update, where we didn’t need to wait for the video to finish the download, instead, we can directly streamline the video with the internet connection. This is how it has been so far, but now there is going to be a new kind of update, where we can share the videos in the form of GIF.

The recent update of the beta version of the app, there is a possibility for the users to be able to send the videos in the GIF format. Users will be able to send the gifs by creating a video through the WhatsApp. The length of the video must be 6 seconds or within the given time limit. After completing recording a particular video, we will have an option to trim the video.

We can trim the video as long as it is within the said time limit, once done with that, we will be provided with an option to be able to save the video as GIF file. It is not only for the videos which we record through WhatsApp app. We can apply the same to the existing videos which we have in our devices. The fact is that there are still more modifications need to be made, to make it more efficient.

Though we are trimming the videos and forwarding it to our contacts, unfortunately, we will unable to have the GIF in the file folder of WhatsApp. We could state that this is a drawback, as under the media folder, inside the Animated Gif’s we will find the complete actual video, instead of the trimmed version of the video. In this case, it is obvious that we need to trim every single time if we want to send a GIF to our contacts.

It might seem to be a disappointing factor, but the sent and received files would be in the GIF format. They have designed this and for time being this is how we will be able to record videos and send it as GIF. To convert the video as a GIF we will have a camcorder icon on the right top corner of the screen in the app. If we select that icon, we will be able to trim the particular video and convert it into a GIF.

In June 2016, it was said that WhatsApp would integrate the GIF support in its app. Then, it was expected that they will be launching this particular new feature in the iOS rather than Android. But, now we can see that this new feature is available in the beta version of the app and it is evident that, if the new feature goes well with the way it has to as anticipated, we can expect that the update will be available for the public to use.

Meanwhile, as the animated gifs will be available as MP4 videos in the backend. For the users who are receiving and sending the gif’s, it will flash as a GIF, instead of a video in the front end. It is also said that a new feature for callback and voicemail was introduced in the iPhone devices. So, the people who have the beta versions of WhatsApp will be able to go ahead update the app and try this new feature of trimming the video and converting it into a GIF.

The support for sending GIF doesn’t seem to be ample enough for the users. The user needs to perform all the editing and trimming of a video just to be able to share it with their friends. We can expect in the near future; we will be able to share a GIF directly as a file. One of the factors here is that the user needs to always trim a particular video to be able to send it as a GIF.

As a matter of fact, to some extent, this is for sure time consuming, so it would be better that if we had an option where we had an option to send the GIF, by just attaching it. There is no possibility for time to share the GIF link as an attachment, where we will get to watch it directly as well. This new update is still available only in the beta version of the app.

If any of the users are interested in trying out the new update on the beta version, they can become a beta tester. The fact is that the update is available only in this, there are possibilities that the app wouldn’t behave properly in the right way. To try the app, we can download the APKMirror and use the app with the latest updates from the app as well.

We can clearly state that this messenger app is going places and it is an undeniable fact that millions of people across the world are using it on a regular basis. The tech geeks are making efforts, by designing and developing the new features with more innovation and creativity to make the app better. Finally, it is true that, by the end of this year, we will get to see a completely different WhatsApp with interesting and exciting features.


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