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Apple iPad Mini 5 To Come Out as Apple iPad Mini Pro?

Apple has been in the thick of the actions that are happening across the continents in the world of technology on most occasions. This is primarily due to the fact that the Cupertino-based brand more often than not has some new electronic devices waiting to be released. This year, most of the news that has surfaced revolves around the upcoming flagship smartphone Apple iPhone 8. But alongside that, there are lots more coming our way for quite some time now. And among that one which is bound to grab the attention of all the tech enthusiasts across the world is the Apple iPad Mini 5.

apple ipad mini 5Fans of Apple have been expecting the official unveiling of the device in the month of September last year. This has a lot of things to do with the previous release dates of the miniature tablets from Apple. It was during the release of the Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus that the fourth generation of the Apple iPad Mini was released. And with reference to that, the followers of the development related to Apple in the field of technology started believing that Apple will launch the fifth edition of the device along with the release of the Apple iPhone 7. But that did not happen which was really disappointing for fans of Apple. Since then we all have been waiting for some official statement regarding the release of the Apple iPad Mini 5, but there hasn’t been any which has given rise to a number of speculations.

The one that has been making rounds across the online media is the fact that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to be launched sometime very soon and that it will be unveiled with the name Apple iPad Pro Mini. And the report has come in from Auto World News. Although there are questions regarding the authenticity of the news the fact that we have got some clue regarding the device keeps us really hopeful regarding the arrival of the device on the market.
Coming to the supposed features of the Apple iPad Mini 5, it can be stated that it is perhaps going to be a bigger version of the Apple iPhone 7 and this is also stated on the basis of the news that has come up from Taiwan stating that this particular fact. If this news turns out to be true, there is definitely going to be a number of resemblances when it comes to the features of the device. Other than that, it is expected that the Apple iPad Mini 5 is going to get an upgrade when it comes to protection of the device from dust and water is concerned. The Apple iPhone 7 had an IP67 certification which makes the device water and dust resistant. But it is believed that the Apple iPad Mini 5 will be IP68 certified which will make the device waterproof and dust proof.

Reports have it that the device is going to be revealed to the world in the month of September this year with iOS 11. So we have to keep on waiting for the Apple iPad Mini 5 to make an appearance on the market. Then only things will get clearer.

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