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7 SEO Mistakes we should avoid while doing SEO

Very often we get advice from experts which are always conflicting.The problem is that Google doesn’t give any importance to the results and will not allow testing things in spite of not caring about whether it works in real time or not.So, when any SEO mistakes have crawled it will not be visible clearly.

So, initially, when you start implementing SEO strategies you end up with many confusions and also chances of getting bounced around Google SERP’s which will not give you any information about the exact location.This will, even more, confuse you and also complicate your effort which will irritate the newcomers who will not realize the errors they are making and by the time they realize it will be too late.

There are few common errors which are very often made while making sites ON and OFF pages SEO more effective. Additional efforts of practice without error should be added to get good rankings in Google SERP’s.

It takes many years of effort to succeed in getting perfect and correct SEO, even though it takes long period of time to get success you should go incorrect way to reach our goal and not choose any of the shortcuts if shortcut method is chosen then you reach the goal which is short period of time and sometimes leads to failure so always be focused on goal.

SEO Mistakes

  1. Irregular and Informal links etc.

In today’s world of SEO, only quality is given more of importance than quantity initially there were days when unnatural or irregular and informal links were created and this when to peeks who wanted to boost up their results to get in Google SERP’s. For a while Black Hats has this down to a Science i.e. people used cheap tactics which also known as Black Hat SEO techniques to get quick results but Google knows what we are trying to do so using cheap techniques which throw us to the backlist in Google SERP’s so instead of that to get good results in Google SERP’s we need to spend some more time in creating organic traffic through correct links like infographics massive value posts and the marketing content which also helps in getting exposure  and  link profile to our sites.

  1. Using keywords repeatedly

For people who are new to the content, writing will make many mistakes while Google wants the content to have a clear information based words which are targeting the content over usage of the same words can result to red flags.This makes the content look very much like informal one.

It’s very much difficult for the fresher to write the content with fewer words but with highly targeted and exact words density and whatever is written has to be correct and it should not be irrelevant to the content.

However, Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI) technology to detect the phrases which are similar so try writing the content with fewer words and without missing the context in it and not to use the phrases multiple times.

  1. Content without similar words

Writing the content without using the similar words is a big deal in SEO you loose connectivity to the topic if you go out of the thoughts or using different topics in the same content.The main aim of Google SERP’s is to serve the most relevant pages as soon as possible and this can be achieved only if it’s completely on a particular topic or word. Google tries to fulfill the user to get their information with the best and trustworthy answers on its first page of results itself. If you want Google to do all these then we have to give the content with relevant words which are targeting the content.

So always write the content only with relevant words and if we are trying to us irrelevant words and which are not related to the topic then it might rise to red flags. Few people misunderstand that using different words in the same content will increase rankings in Google, but actually, it does not work in anyways.

  1. Identical content

This type of identical content can be seen only on large sites or e-commerce sites that have several pages listing the same set of products. Multiple pages having the same content will rise to a number of problems in the search engine.

Google recognizes content as a healthy one only if the writer takes the time to write the content in detail by adding in important elements such as organized sources, external links to help us validate the points. If the content is not up to mark then it does not get good results in Google SERP’s. And the mistake people make in SEO in creating identical or small duplicate content.

When we look at SERP on Google we will notice that the content is almost opposite to small contents because all the content is in detailed and in-depth for almost complete content. According to one study by serpIQ, it was determined that average high-ranking content on the first page of Google’s SERP’s landed between 2200-2400 words.

So SEO content rankings not only depends upon words also on other factors too, so better avoid writing small content, instead take the time to write the content in detail and cover as much area as possible to help the user in getting the complete information they required.

Write the content in detail using different quotes, passages from other websites when trying to argue something but make it sure that you cite your sources and provide a clear list when doing so.

  1. Grammar and Spelling free content

In SEO if the content contains more grammar and spelling mistakes then it spoils the complete content on the web and also makes the content difficult to read these it forces the user to quit from the page. If the user finds many grammatical and spelling mistakes he will lose interest, keeping this in mind i.e. user’s interest and also the rankings in SERP’s better avoid the mistakes.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find grammatical issues in that case for ex. using M.S Word Document will be easier to edit grammar mistakes also like Word Press helps to filter spelling mistakes with a curved red line under those words.First prepare content in M.S Word Document and then you can migrate it to Word Press in order to clear all the above issues. Apart from these, there are other online tools helps you avoid all issues and give you required perfect error free content.

  1. Mobile-friendly Websites

Google is giving more importance to the mobile experience because nowadays mobile users and its usage have increased rapidly. Users prefer to browse in mobile itself, as it’s become more of mobile friendly.Google is more concerned about it. So, a website which adapts its page layout to fit in all screens i.e. desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone will determine to get good rankings in Google SERP’s. You can gently enhance the user experience and decreases bounce rates. In case your website is not mobile friendly then it’s time to design is as responsive as possible.

  1. Slow browsing speed

If you want to get good rankings on Google SERP’s, the important point to keep in mind is not to disappoint the user while browsing the sites.If in case the site speed is slow then user loses’ his interest and chances of quitting the site so throw you down in Google rankings as Google gives more importance to the speed of a site. There are few points that affect your site’s speed:

  1. Big or super-high-quality images which are too long to load.
  2. Non-minified JavaScript and CSS files.
  3. Over-usage of ads or third party libraries.
  4. The non-existence of G-Zip compression.
  5. Failure to use some of caching.

If you want to test your site’s speed you can use Google’s Page Speed Insights Tool available here:

Take time to go through each of the recommendations and improve your site’s performance to the best of your ability.

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