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Energous collaborates with Apple to release iPhone models with WCT

There have been various rumors regarding the new Apple’s iPhone models. They will have a curve Organic LED display, 3D dual lens camera, etc. However, no rumors have been confirmed yet. However, the one rumor which caught everyone’s attention was next iPhone models to come with wireless charging technology.

Apple is possibly collaborating with Energous to release the first iPhone models with wireless charging. As per a report in The Verge, Energous will ship wireless transmitters in by the end of 2017.

Energous is a company which developed WattUp. WattUp is wire free, over the air charging technology, which allows devices to be recharged from a distance less than 15-16 feet away. A device which has a built-in WattUp receiver will begin charging automatically as it reaches in the range of WattUp transmitter.

iPhone 8

The WattUp technology of Energous has also been embedded in various products. Out of these, six products are on display at CES 2017, this week. The few products are Chipola Plus Bluetooth tracker and an SK Telesys hearing aid. For wire free, over the air charging, they need small, portable transmitter rather than large, truly wireless transmitter.

Though it hasn’t been officially announced that Energous will partner with Apple. Energous CEO Steve Rizzone in a recent interview said, “One of the largest consumer electronic companies in the world,” he said. “I cannot tell you who it is, but I can virtual guarantee that you have products from this company on your person, sitting on your desk, or at home.”

Also, there are many reasons which suggest that Apple and Energous might partner for the new iPhone model. Firstly, it has claimed to work with top electronic companies. Secondly, TSMC and Foxconn, both are Apple manufacturers; Energous has a relationship with both these companies. Thirdly, Apple and Energous are also members of ANSI. And lastly, a $10 million investment is made in Energous by Dialog Semiconductor. Dialog Semiconductor is Apple supplier. They make power managements chips and mostly, solely business with Apple

Energous repeatedly reported without revealing the mysterious partner, that the wireless charging technology is soon going to be integrated into various electronic gadgets, such as inside phones, laptops, tablets and few wearables and accessories. So, based on multiple rumors and reasons, it seems that one of the products could be a new iPhone model.

Apple’s initiative of removing the headphone jack from iPhone 7 models was considered to be the first step towards wireless charging. As lightning connector was responsible for charging and connecting the wired headphones. Now, we can wait for Apple to release official statements regarding the technologies that will be introduced in the next iPhone models and iPhone 8 is to be claimed to be revolutionary.0

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