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Revenuehits Review: Best Ad Network for Publishers & Advertisers

On the web, the web developers are supposed to earn a bit of money by making their web site popular on search engine among the people. But, on the other hand, there a fact about the things online is the bills and expenses you have to meet up at the end of every month and for the progress and promotion of the web page. In this regard, it is important for you to grab all the opportunities of making money online along with investing on it so you can end up with a bit of profit or at least at the breakeven point in the minimum time. In this regard, the ads and promotions are the major tools that help you and all the web developers all around the globe. All the major blogs or the web sites are earning good revenue because of the advertisements and promotions they get from the advertisers and that simply lead them towards a better business future.

revenue hits review

Revenuehits is simply a platform that provides you the ultimate opportunity to grab the best of promotions and ads for your web site directly from the advertisers on the best rates and earn something good out of it. At Revenuehits, you get a team of online marketers that are willing to provide the paid advertisements and promotions on the web pages with potential pay rates and give them a chance to earn a good amount of money. Precisely, Revenuehits is a sort of a platform where advertisers meet the web developers and deal their advertisements online to ensure profit on both sides.

How does it work for you?

It is important for you to understand that how Revenuehits works for you in general, from the introduction of the platform we can understand that it is a kind of a third party among the advertisers and the web developers but in actual, it is much more than that. It provides the geo – targeted advertising services that will lead to the ultimate benefits for the advertisers and the web developers as well. In the common terms, the advertisers prefer the platform because they are getting the desired and required platforms to display their advertisements. While on the other hand, the web developers will get the responsive ads on their web pages that will ultimately provide them better responses and income as well.

Why Revenuehits?

There are a number of other platforms are available to you online that provides you such kind of services and lets you have the best advertisers who will provide you the responsive advertisements. But, why you should choose Revenuehits out of all the other platforms, there is a specified reason of this preference. Here on Revenuehits, you will get ultimate benefits and features that will make it a friendly and secure platform for your business and ensure the best and quality advertisements on the best rates for you. On Revenuehits, the advertisers and web developers are authorized and have a complete data base loaded to the system server as well. In the case of any problem or requirement, the platform will make sure you will get the proper guidance. It is scam free and offers you all the terms and conditions clearly. There are a number of tools, plug-in supports and other features that made it a complete package for you and let you have the best outcomes out of everything. Overall it is a friendly and easy to use platform with no complication and clear terms and conditions as well.

Feature highlights

The major features of Revenuehits are the following:

  • Multiple ad types
  • Responsive ads
  • Quick approval and response
  • Good pay rates
  • Earn more with the help of affiliate branding
  • Being a publisher if you invite a new publisher then you will get paid by their earning too according to the policy.
  • It is an ever gain thing.


The major benefits attached to Revenuehits are the following:

  • Early approvals
  • Geo tracked advertisements
  • Best pay rates
  • Responsive ads and advertisers
  • Auto resizing ads for mobile and other gadgets
  • Present a number of widgets such as toolbar, icons, and other shortcuts
  • Secured account and earning statistics
  • Easy payment and cash withdrawal methods
  • Lets you use Ad Sense and other platform parallels to it
  • Clear terms and conditions, no complications at all

What’s different in Revenue Hits?

Revenuehits lets you to have a number of advertisers at a time also provides you the freedom to approach other advertising platforms to earn more from your web page space at a time. Along with that, it lets you have different types of ads that will provide you the good amount of revenue as it will make the best use of the whole page space. Following are the options that are available to you at large in order to make sure you are making the right use of the whole space:

  • Text
  • Pop up ads
  • Banners
  • Display
  • App
  • Custom size blocks
  • Much more

In short, here you will get the ultimate options to earn a great amount of money from your every single page. Remember that your daily based income could be different as your daily site statistics is not constant but you will surely get good numbers.

Final Verdict!

There are a number of other platforms that are available online; even more popular than Revenuehits but here it comes with some of the major and ultimate benefits that will make you stick to it at last. The platform was established in 2008 but in the short span of time it has made up a great family and team that is working online here. To make sure you will earn up good out of your enough page space do oblige Revenuehits because the best part is the variations of ads and freedom to use other platforms as well.

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