The iPhone 7 in Short – Quick Look!

With the iPhone 7, the people are expecting something grand and something huge. The iPhone 6S was a failure for many as it did not meet up to the expectations apart from some minor changes here and there. With the iPhone 7, the major thing happening here is the elimination of the ‘S’ system of naming for the current models which means, the iPhone 7S won’t be anything. Having say that, what would you see? The iPhone 7 will rather be available as 3 versions, namely the standard iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and the iPhone 7 Pro. This year, we are all hoping that iPhone 7 does not be a disappointment like the iPhone 6S because users are expecting some major up rather than a down this time!

iPhone 7

To talk about the changes and evolution we will be seeing in the iPhone 7, there is an additional colour variant, the space black which hasn’t been seen since 2012. In addition to that, the base model has been now changed to a 32GB over the earlier 16GB which isn’t so cool for a phone with so many features, such an amazing camera and of course the display!

Talking about the camera, there has been news that the iPhone 7 could continue to have the single camera setup, while the other two versions might get a dual camera setup. (There’s got to be something which is pro) Also, we will be seeing Optical image stabilization in the smartphone from Apple.

The elimination of the headphone jack has been yet another very strong rumor which has been in the news for quite long. With the aim to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7, the headphone jack shall now be replaced by a wireless earphone. (Which isn’t a very good idea though)

Apart from these, the phone might as well have stereo speakers along with a dual SIM.

On the physical look front, we haven’t heard much and we are hoping to see some changes on the front side of the iPhone 7. What would then be and how would they be implemented is what all of us are looking forward to.

So all of us are looking forward to the September launch of the iPhone 7 with iOS 10. How would the pricing be and what would the software, hardware and physical aspects be, is for now a matter of imagination couple with rumors!

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