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What to Expect from The New iPhone 8

Every time Apple announces a new device, the fan world goes crazy. Expectations from the device shoot up and it creates hysteria around the technology world. Time and again, Apple has proven that no one can come up with new and innovative features like them. They have always managed to surprise with the launch of spectacular devices. iPhone is one of the most set of devices that they keep on upgrading every year. There are six editions of the iPhone already in the market and the 7th one will be out soon. What we all are waiting is for the iPhone 8. It truly will be one of the most spectacular phones we have seen. Though we have to wait a little for the iPhone 8 to come into the market but the wait is definitely worth it.

Before Apple officially announces the iPhone 8, let’s what we can expect from the flagship phone from Apple.

iPhone 8 – All new design

Apple is known for its sleek and elegant design of all its devices. Each new device is slimmer than the previous one and looks even better. It revamps the complete look and feel of the device every alternate year. So when the iPhone 8 will release, expect a never seen before design for the device. Apple will be looking forward to make the phone a lot slimmer than what it currently is. The screen and the body will see some major advancement. Rumors have it that the iPhone 8 will be around 5.9 mm thin which seems unbelievable but hopefully they will have a workaround.

Highly improved performance power

With every new upgrade of the iPhone, they give massive performance upgrades. In the iPhone 8, we can expect the A11 chip-set which will be more powerful than its predecessors. They will surely give a huge upgrade to the RAM too. Mostly, it will have a 3-4 GB of RAM which will make sure the phone runs lag free even with the heaviest apps running. Gaming will see huge improvements as well. With a good display and multiple processors to support, the phone will effortlessly support all kinds of games.

iphone 8

A whole new camera

Camera is something iPhone users have always loved in their phone. iPhone 8 will probably have a camera of more than 16 MP in the rear and more than 8 MP for the front camera. Apart from the higher megapixels, the camera will have a dual lens that will improve the picture quality to a whole new level. Camera is one of the most important parts of a phone and Apple has always managed to have a camera which is of DSLR quality. The iPhone 8 will probably have the most advanced cameras in any smart phone ever.

Better Display

iPhones are known for their sharp retina displays. iPhone 8 will have an advanced display which will display sharper images. Even for the videos, it will have less frame drops so that the video quality is at its best. A better display also ensures that games will look spectacular. The pixels per inch will be more than 400 for sure so that each pixel is displayed at its best. Just like all the other Apple products, it will boast of a retina display.

Additional new upgrades

What was bothering many customers about the iPhone is that the battery had very less standby time. With the iPhone 8, Apple will be looking forward to improve the battery as much as it can. It is supposed that it will have a battery of more than 4000 mAh. This will certainly prove to be a big upgrade as users want a full day battery life. It will not have a headphone jack too that will help reduce the size of the phone to a large extent. For the storage, it will move to higher capacities and the minimum storage capacity will be for 64 GB as given by many sources. The iPhone 8 will move to wireless charging as many other kinds of phones have introduced this feature lately. It is also said to have waterproof protection which will be helpful for many users.

Release Date

If you are aware about Apple’s iPhone release date strategy, you would know that they release a new iPhone every year. However, after a new edition of the phone is launched, the next subsequent year they release a normal upgrade to the previous phone. Then, after two devices of the same edition have been launched, they move on to a newer version. Going by the same sequence, the iPhone 8 will probably release in the year 2018. Since we all know Apple launches the iPhone in September, so September of 2018 will be iPhone 8 Release Date.

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