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Google ARA – The Modular Smartphone

Google’s exciting “new” modular smart-phone Project ARA, has hit a number of roadblocks since its announcement in 2013. Have no idea what Project ARA is? Take a moment to visit their website ( and you will see a blank dark screen with the vertical Project ARA logo in the center. The website looks more like a viral marketing scheme for an upcoming J.J. Abrams film, than a website for highly sophisticated product from Google. But don’t be dismayed, that is part of the allure and mystique of Project ARA. Project ARA is simply intriguing, and it makes sense. Do you ever get sick of the screen or the camera (or any other aspect) of your smart-phone? Too bad, there is nothing you can do, because it is all built in together in a single interface  with a Project ARA smart-phone however, that would not be the case!

Google ARA

So what exactly is Project ARA, and what makes it so cool? Well.. It is a phone but it isn’t a phone. It can be described more like an endoskeleton or frame with several different slots, that various sized modules can fit into, held in place by electro-permanent magnets (A magnet with an on and off state, that uses no power to use!), and communicate with each other. What on earth does all of that mean? You can basically think of the Project ARA smart-phone as a smart-phone made of Legos. Each module is a different Lego piece you are adding to the phone (A camera, GPS, planner, etc.). What makes separate modules in a phone so exciting and groundbreaking? For one it makes the module that is being added more sophisticated and powerful, because it does not have to sacrifice its tech abilities or power usage with another part of the phone. It also allows users to completely customize their smart-phone to their needs… in essence you can create a phone like no one else has.

The Pros and Cons of the upcoming Google ARA Smart-phone:


  • Better and more advanced cameras.
  • Better speakers.
  • Option for more battery life.
  • You can easily replace broken screens or batteries.
  • You can customize your own unique module designs.
  • With modules, the possibilities are endless.


  • The individual modules make it heavier.
  • The individual modules make it bulkier.
  • The individual modules use more power.
  • The project may be overly ambitious, and the team behind it has already fallen behind on schedule.

The Project ARA smart-phone sounds like a revolutionary phone that is going to give Apple a run for its money. The team behind it are specifically making the phone spatially intuitive and the interface as user friendly as possible so anyone can learn with ease how to use it. Project ARA is targeting the 5 Billion people around the globe who do not have smart-phones already. Furthermore, buyers will not have to worry about dealing with giant phone makers and companies because Project ARA’s goal is to sell it directly to their consumers! This is an exciting strategy that is sure to help launch the success of the Project ARA smart-phone into the stratosphere!

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