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How To Send KIK Video Messages?

In old times, we would send letters to our friends. Then email made our lives easier. The next big thing was SMS. No doubt, we all have done chatting day and night. A few years back, photo messaging become the news. Now what is the new craze? Well, welcome to kik video messaging.


Honestly, video sharing or messaging is the most effective way to express feelings. Sometimes, we don’t need to read the long conversations for expressing ourselves. With short video, anyone can express tons of things with little effort. Right now, almost every social media supports video sharing.

KIK Video Messages:

KIK for computer video messages are like any video messages. You can send those videos to your friends. Video messages come first when we are talking about emphasis. A short video clip makes a lot of difference than any image or SMS. Video sharing is the great way to communicate. Because sometimes, people are not able to understand the context of the SMS or image. Inthat situation, your message may not be understood correctly. So, why not send the complete story to avoid doubts!

Steps To Send KIK Video Messages:

Well, KIK does not provide option for shooting and sending video within the app. You need to attach video from third application. There are certain ways to send the video through the KIK.

First method includes shooting from the phone’s camera. You can simply make the short video suing your phone’s camera. Later you can add this video in the KIK conversation to send to your friends.

kik video message

Another method includes the use of third party application named as “Video for KIK”. You can find that application using KIK built in browser.

There is one more method. Selected any conversation, you will find a plus sign at the bottom of the conversation. Here you will find the option for Youtube. Now you can choose video from a vast range of YouTube videos.

KIK Video Messages Alternatives:

KIK does not offer features like Facebook or any other social media. This is only associated with the video messaging part. As an alternative, Facebook messenger is best for video sharing. Don’t forget about Snapchat, which created a huge hype among users.

When We Will Be Able To Send Video Messages Via KIK?

Right now, we can video in our conversations. But unlike other apps e.g. Facebook or Snapchat, KIK does not offer direct messaging. It is not clear when we can send video messages directly through KIK. In fact, video messaging is an awesome and instant communication. We hope, KIK developers will understand the need to video messaging. Plenty of times, users spoke loudly about this issue. Still, users demanding direct video messaging through KIK. Unfortunately, our voice is still unheard. But, we should hope for the best. Still, KIK is doing pretty good. It is not like that we are unable to send videos. We can share videos, but not with that ease.

Well, we really don’t know when KIK will officially update the application for video sharing. Till that day we have to use these tricked methods for video sharing. But still KIK does a great job for sending video messages.

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