Split-Screen Multitasking in Android N, Hinted by Google

Android Marshmallow, generally known as Android M was officially revealed at the start of this year at I/O developers conference and was made available via Nexus devices to the customers. After that release on its major devices, Google decided to start working on Android N.

In September this year, Google launched five brand new devices, including its very own tablet, the Pixel C.

Pixel C has been manufactured purely by Google, and is equipped with a removable keyboard to provide flexibility in order to use a tablet as a laptop. Android M also proved that Honeycomb was not the only tablet-specific OS and Google has solved all of its potential issues. However, the customization is not ideal yet, and it also doesn’t fully utilize that big screen as compared to a smartphone.

The team behind the next generation of Android platform conducted an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, which is a very popular method of communicating with the people these days. However, they did not fully reveal what we could expect from Android N, but they did reveal a slight detail which was enough to keep us going.

Google is currently working on split-screen feature to the next OS version and it is hoped that it would be more efficient than the one available in iOS. With a variety of technology available, tablets generally do not get much support from Google and it provides an opportunity for them to show off their potential through Pixel C. Mostly, tablets are secondary devices for Google and do not get the same popularity, unlike iPads. Nonetheless, Google is working on that to change it with Android M.

As a reminder, Samsung did this already in the past with the Note series and some other smartphone companies followed it too. Then why is it that Google is noticing it now? Due to iOS 9 of course. Google and Apple have always been trying to outperform each other and they have been playing this catching-up game for many years.

Android N Screen Multi tasking

Glen Murphy, the Director of Chrome UX and Android, said that their team is are working on a variety of improvements for Android in this form factor. There are a lot of things they have been working on, for example, multi-window, and will share more information about this soon. Multi-window is the thing to be noted here. It’s a feature introduced in iOS 9 that was launched this year, which means Apple is already ahead of Google in the game.

Andrew Bowers, the Consumer Hardware Director at Google, stated that they are currently working on many things for N that, should’ve been released already, but they can’t share all the things because it would spoil the surprise of N. But what they did confirmed is that the split-screen is in progress. We believe Google wants to ensure that the final product is better than iOS or it won’t seem right to launch it independently via the next gen OS.

The news is not much exciting, however, it does suggest that Google is giving it a great thought and the fans can expect some interesting features in Android N.

It would’ve been better if Google would just pay attention to other companies who have been using this feature for quite a long time, as an extra layer over stock Android. Even though app support is absent, but still it gives Google a great chance to make it work on its own will.

Fans can only hope that Google is able to provide them a well finished product with some exciting features like messaging and video at the same for high-end smartphone and tablet users in this generation.

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