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iPad Air 3: Scheduled for 2016?

According to the regular iPad release schedule, the iPad Air 3 was supposed to be unveiled through the September event this year, and the sell was supposed to begin by early October. Everything happened as planned, only the iPad isn’t the upgraded version of last year’s iPad Air 2. Instead, the new iPad is a bigger sized iPad Pro with slightly bigger than 12 inches display and support for a new stylus-like tool named Apple Pencil. While the Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil together makes a great deal, there are still a huge customer base left who would prefer a tab around 10 inches for their daily chores.

iPad Air 3

Release Date

Usually, the base model of iPad is released close to the iPhone event. This year instead of iPad Air 3 we had the iPad Pro. As Apple device release events go, there are very less chances of having another event in one shortcoming future and regular sized iPads aren’t usually revealed on the first quarter of any given year these days. All these being said, we anticipate Apple could reschedule the iPad Air 3 release for 2016 – if there’s an iPad Air 3 at all.

iPad Air 3 Market Prospect

With a new size iPad in the market, the question arises whether the old school 9.7 inches iPads have gone out of order, or appeal. The idea isn’t even close to being true. In fact, people would prefer a 10 inch tablet over a bigger 12 inch tablet that looks more like a rip-off of the latest Macbook.

Not that iPad Pro isn’t a great deal, but the size does make an issue. Putting the creative people aside, who else would be comfortable on a huge tablet? Students wouldn’t love studying on a tablet that’s slightly painful to hold for a longer period of time, children won’t be comfy playing games on a tablet this big and home users of a tablet may not simply like moving around in the house with such a big tablet with all those added weight. And again, how many people actually use their tablets for drawing and stuff?

Speaking of the market prospects of iPad Air 3, people would certainly welcome another generation of this mainstream version. Of course there are the iPad Minis with even smaller screen size and added portability, but 7.9 tablets inches aren’t on everyone’s preference list but 9.7 inches are. When counterparts like Samsung goes out of their usual screen aspect ratio and produces a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 with a 9.7 inch display like the iPad Air; the theory gets an even more solid foundation.

Apple Pencil support on iPad Air 3?

Since the new Apple Pencil technology has already been invented and implemented, we could expect the support on the upcoming iPads – at least on the regular 9.7 inch and bigger 12.9 inches ones. Apple Pencil support on the iPad Air 3 would be a bigger deal breaker than the same on the iPad Pro – we could even call for a bet on this point!


As much as theories go, if there’s a new Apple iPad Air 3 it might be released on 2016. However, there could be subtle changes in everything we have discussed in here.

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