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Vertu’s new handset V06 to have Snapdragon 810 CPU and a 4 GB ram

Vertu is a British luxury cell phone manufacturer which enjoys a prestigious history of producing incredibly luxurious smart phones. The smart phones produced by the company take luxury to a whole new level with gems and precious stones adorned in them. However the cell phones produced by Vertu always lacked in one thing and that is Performance. While the phones were always luxurious, beautiful and stylish, they were way behind on performance from the top notch smart phones in the market.


Vertu cell phones are Handmade in England. Vertu has four luxurious collections named Signature, Signature Touch, Aster and Constellation available for sale. The company also offers some amazing personalization to your handsets. Vertu has also made some limited edition handsets with Ferrari, Lapo Elkann, Bentley and Ermenegildo Zegna. Vertu phones are priced extremely high and Signature Touch had its price range starting from $10,300. The price of Pure Jet Red Gold model of Signature Touch was $21,900. There are around 500 stores around the world from where Vertu handsets can be bought and 70 of these are the Brands own store known as the Vertu Boutiques.

Vertu was originally established by Nokia in 1998. Later in 2013, it was sold into private equity. With the change in ownership the company has made a major shift from using Symbian operating system in its smart phones towards using Android. Vertu Ti was the first phone by the company which shifted to Android. The shift took place in February 2013. Later in June 2014 the Signature Touch was also shifted to Android. The Virtue handsets now have pretty good performance and it adds a lot to the overall experience of the luxury handsets.

Vertu is soon going to launch its new smart phone. The new handset is codenamed V06 and according the leaked specs of the new device, it is going to be the most powerful handset the company has ever produced. The device is going to have a 4GB Ram and an impressive octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. These specs will make V06 not only the most powerful phone produced by Vertu but will also put it among the handful of top notch smart phones with 4Gb ram. The device will have the latest version of Android that is 5.1.1 Lollypop Operating system.

Currently there is no photo available of this high performance new device from Vertu. But keeping in mind the past track record of Vertu it is not hard to guess that the device is most likely to have precious metals and stones. There is also a likely hood of leather giving the exterior a luxury finish.

As for the price, Vertu is likely to continue to target the Richest. The price is going to be upwards of $8000. With all the possible upgrades in performance by Vertu, the fact remains that anyone spending such enormous sum of money on a handset is unlikely to have a concern with the processor. Vertu is all about brand image and luxury and that’s likely to remain the case in the foreseeable future.

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