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Existence of rare Pentaquarks Confirmed by Physicists

The existence of two rare pentaquark states has been confirmed by the physicists at the College of Arts and Science. The discovery of rare pentaquarks took place at the CERN, in Geneva Switzerland. The discovery is said to have some major implications for the study of the structure of matter.

Murray Gell-Mann a famous American physicist put forward a theory in 1964, according to which fundamental subatomic constituents known as quarks form particles such as protons. According to him there was a possibility of 4 quarks and an antiquark in addition to a constituent with three quarks. This antiquark is known as pentaquark.

A well-known professor of physics, Sheldon Stone states that the existence of these new pentaquark has enough statistical evidence. Sheldon Stone is one of the physicists responsible for the discovery. The research team also included Tomasz Skwarnicki, Nathan Jurik G’16, and Liaming Zhang.

Liaming will be presenting the findings at a Large Hadron Collider beauty workshop to be held at CERN on Wednesday, 22 July.


According to Stone, much of the credit of the discovery should go to Gell-Mann who is a Nobel Prize winning scientist. Gell-Mann spent most of his career at Caltech, and his research revolved around postulating the existence of quarks. Stone further says that Gell-Mann predicted that hadrons are formed from the pairs of quark and antiquark. These pairs may also be formed with three quarks known as baryons. The classification scheme of encompassing strongly interacting particles (hadrons) with four and five quarks underscores the Standard Model. This model tells about the physical makeup of our Universe.

Stone suggests that there are many questions raised by this remarkable discovery. One of the major questions is how quarks bind together? Traditional answer to this question would be that there is residual nuclear force which is about ten million times more powerful than the chemical binding in atoms.

According to Skwarnicki; there is a possibility that the quarks may be bound tightly or loosely in a meson baryon molecule. A residual strong force which is similar to the one binding nucleons is felt by the baryon and color neutral meson.

Stone adds that the only strongly coupled theory which we have is the theory of strong interactions. It is very important to understand this theory as it will serve as a precursor to the theories to be formulated in the future.

This is not the first time that Department of Physics has come under headlines for its scientific discovery. The department made it to the headlines last year as well, when Skwarnicki proved that the meson Z (4430) existes.

CERN witnesses a lot of the cutting edge work. There are number of scientists and researchers from different countries conducting research at the CERN. Stone has a team of about a dozen Syracuse researchers at CERN. There are four multinational experiments conducting at CERN. Each of these experiments has its own detector for collecting data from the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator.

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