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Microsoft Focusing on Windows Fans at the Windows 10 Launch

Millions of people have liked the idea of windows 10 over the past 9 months. The global launch of the windows 10 is on July 29th and there are about 5 million Windows 10 testers. By any standard this is a large number of testers for any operating system. Microsoft appreciates the response and is putting the fans at the center of its marketing efforts to say thanks.

According to Yusuf Mehdi the head of the Microsoft Windows marketing efforts, Microsoft wants to focus on the fans of Windows during the marketing campaign. Mehdi was also responsible for the marketing of Xbox and it’s no surprise that there is some inspiration from the Xbox fan celebration. Microsoft usually goes for large launch party celebrations in a single city for its Windows launches. But this time around the company is planning to hold events in 13 cities at a time. These cities include Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai, Berlin, Madrid, New York City, Sydney, Singapore, New Delhi, Nairobi, Johannesburg, London and Sao Paulo.  This will give a chance to a large number of Windows fans in these cities to attend the event and meet members of the Windows team.

Microsoft is also likely to start its TV advertisement from coming Monday.  Mehdi reveals that the TV Advertisement is about celebrating a new era of Windows. The add focuses on how the life would be while growing up with windows 10. The advertisement will show features like the signing in using your eyes and the new Edge browser. Microsoft also plans to donate around 10 million dollars as part of its campaign “upgrade your world”.


Windows 10 will launch on July 29th.  However, everyone will not be able to upgrade on the same day. The testers of Windows 10 will be the first ones to be able to upgrade at the launch. If you are not among those 5 million testers then you will have to wait as Microsoft will gradually roll out to the other computers. The process will start form 29th July. In order to make things easier Microsoft has made a queue system and users will be able to get upgrades based on that system. Some of the users will get priority for the upgrade. According to that system anyone who buys a new computer on the29th July or after that will get a priority for the upgrade. Mehdi explains that the new buyers will be placed right on top of the queue and the queue system is considered to be a part of the overall all marketing strategy for the Windows 10.

With such large marketing campaign and one of a kind launch party in 13 cities around the world, it is evident that Microsoft has very high hopes from the new Windows 10. Microsoft is aiming high with the new Windows 10 and plans to have the Windows 10 on a mammoth 1 billion devices in only three years’ time. It will be quite interesting to see how things unfold in future and whether the Windows 10 becomes Microsoft’s most successful operating system or not.

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