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Cyanogen hires Amazon and Qualcomm Engineers!

Cyanogen is pushing its luck by going head to head with Google in android. It may seem unlikely at the moment, but they will make it for sure if they continue this aggressive approach. They are continuously making efforts to reach at the top by haring Technology leaders in their company.

CEO of Cyanogen has just hired some big guns from amazon and Qualcomm to increase their popularity in android section. The first person they hired is a former lead engineer from amazon, Stephen Lawler, he’s new vice president of engineering. The second person they hired is from Qualcomm, Karthick Iyer, who’ll be the vice president of global systems.

The goal of Cyanogen is to go head to head with Google and take away android.

With companies like twitter, Foxconn, and Qualcomm with them, they’ll for sure make it to the top. Their goal is to expand business and grow by each passing year, and that is why they hired these two talented individuals.


They said there goal is to evolve android platform to the next level, and innovate mobile computing. Systems, signals, and services are the main building blocks of any computing platform. Both of these individuals are the leaders in their respective fields, each of them has work for successful platform. Lawler in their team will bring leadership in mapping location, cloud services, and mobile. While Iyer with his expertise in android development will help scale the organization.

The company has recently lost one of their partner, OnePlus. With OnePlus leaving Cyanogen, it’s not the end of their market in Asia. Their aim is to shake-hand with a bigger Chinese vender. Who’s this Chinese vender? It’s not confirmed yet. CEO of the company has called OnePlus, as their own loss in leaving the partnership.

There will be much more in future from Cyanogen. Even if their goal to beat Google may not come true, but they for sure are making efforts to involve android to the next level. Both new employees will for sure make good contribution in coming years, and their company will gain a lot of ground by having these two top engineers.

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