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By the End of 2016 Telebot is Coming to your Streets for Patrolling

Robots are dominating in our daily life and for every single task companies are trying to prepare special robots. The news of robot patrolling creates curiosity among peoples. We are affirming that this news is confirmed and it will going to happen by the end of 2016. Famous robotic companies are preparing Police robots which will soon start patrolling the streets of your city. The main purpose of these robots is to issue parking tickets. This amazing robot developed by one of the most prestigious institution named “Florida International Discovery lab”. These robots are in the phase of final tuning because the testing process is going on.

The makers of these humanoid robots named it “The Telebot”. The swiveling head these amazing robots are equipped with a dexterous finger which resembles like humans. This robot could easily operable via remote control hold a person who wears motion tracking device on his headset. The voice of remote control operator could easily transmit from the robotic head via advanced voice transferring system.  We can easily conclude that this amazing step for making humanoid robots could facilitate disable police officer and other necessary staff. By launching this technology, could raise the level of police. If this step becomes successful then in the future companies will prepare more efficient robots which could be helping hand for those officers who work for law enforcement.

The basic purpose of inventing this robotic humanoid is that they are more alert as compared to humans. Making and launching of robots is not as easy as its sound. Actually, there are lots of hurdles related to media, politics and social because it is an electronic item which could be malfunctioned anytime. So, the chances of getting hurt with these robots when it is not working properly could be the problem and people need an answer for this problem.

The officials of robots maker clear that at this stage we are using these humanoid robots for the purpose of surveillance rather than engaging it with weapons. It is equipped with advanced memory system by which it can scan almost 1500 ID’s of a vehicle in a minute. It can also record video, testing for environment condition and records audio also. One thing which is unique in these Telebots is that it has 3D radar system by which it can detect suspicious activity around it.

These robots could work more than human police officers, while working it can transmit useful data side by side to the local controlling room. In future, this technology could also be used for the detection of unusual activity or recording of surrounding audio & video. In that, a government can minimize the rate of crime and risks involved while moving on the street.

It is also revealed that these robots could have been used for many years in order to disable bombs. The main perspective of developing these robots is to share the world of human police officers and used against people. Due to advanced programming of these robots it could be equipped with weapons that can break the doors or threat the criminals.

Police Telebot

It is quite obvious that the threat from these robots could not neglect, hence in order to control that riot skunk riot control helicopter is designed. This amazing copter could easily fire 20 paintballs and pepper spray per minutes. It is also equipped with a laser so that it can accurately target the victims. One of the biggest advantages of this copter is that it could be highly efficient in air surveillance.

The reputed organizing in the United States of America named “Department of Defense Program” working really hard in order to fight against criminals. This organization was started in the year of 1997 and allows access militant equipment to the police officers. According to a report of DoD, till now they have spent more than 5.1 billion Us dollars for the sake of high-profile militant machines in order to fight against drugs dealer or criminals. For the sake of this area, Department of Homeland also shares its role. This is the department which grants specials permission to police. This is one of the good steps from United States police department because by which they can control the crime rate or eliminate the freedom haters called a terrorist.

While summarizing a long story short, these humanoid robots or Telebots could substitute the manpower of 5 people easily. This could be threatening for human officers. As we all know that every single thing has its own merits and demerits, where these reports could be helping hand of police officers, on the contrary, this could be threatening for the other police officers who are not working well. These robots never tired or slept hence they can work harder as compared to human officers. But as this is an electronic gadget so the threat of malfunctioning problem is still there and for that the control room need to be alert all the time in order to protect people of the city.

So, this amazing technology will coming to your city by the end of 2016 and serve at their best for the sake of your safety and easiness. If this project well from the “Florida Institute” then they planned to launch more efficient and multitasking robots in future which can work perfectly as compared to human officers. It does not mean that they are launching these robots in order to substitute human officers, but these robots will be used as a helping hand of human officers. The good things about these robots are that, disable police officers could work well by sitting in the local control room.

Wait till the end of 2016 and these amazing tech robots will be there to serve you.

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