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Robot Mark 2 Challenges Robot Kuratas

The world is changing because every single country trying to invent some highly destructive robots which could be used in World War III. Are you shock? But it is bitter fact that, defensive institutions are working day and night in order to build something unique and gigantic. Recently, something miserable noticed in the Pacific region because news comes out that related to techno growth in military zone.

One of the biggest robots making company named “Mega-bot” finally launched its giant fighter robot which resembles from a movie called “Pacific Rim”. In the recent news, the Boston-based company challenged Japanese famous Robotic Company named “Suidobashi” for paintball battle. Suidobashi is really famous for its giant robots named “Kuratas”. The video is a challenge from the Boston Company to Japanese company goes viral; you can access this video on YouTube or other video library portals.

The filmmakers of Pacific Rim used this innovative technique for the marketing of their upcoming film sequel. While showcasing these giant robots in an NY comic con 2014 this is nothing but the marketing technique in order to build curiosity among people. The officials of robotic company affirm that they are going to conduct a duel league soon. This machine is quite dangerous because it not operable by remote, it is something like an airplane because it has a cockpit and live person sitting in that cockpit could able to run that robot.

The idea of inventing giant robots which could be operable by a human was first launched by Japanese company and this workable idea portrayed efficiently in a movie called “pacific Rim”. This time the United States Company took this as a challenge and started working to build gigantic robots against Suidobashi. Mega Bots, the US-based company got success and launched its masterpiece in last November. This launched was a kick start for this company he successfully raised only 4% of its project goal which is around 1.8 million US dollars.

Now, the making of giant robots is something unusual or it could be the sign for heading toward battle. In the viral video, Mega Bots openly challenge the Japanese Kuratas robot for the battle which could be helping next year most probably. This is a great marketing as well as earning idea from US robotic company because they can earn via pay per view.

Giant Robots

Mega bots worked hard and issue a video over the internet in which he completely shows the highlights of making this gigantic robot as well as challenging the biggest robot making company of Japan Suidobashi. The wording of mega bots is something like this; “Suidobashi we brings the giant robot and you also owns a giant robot so else you can conclude what is going to be next”. This amazing challenge has given by co-founder of Mega bots named “Matt Oehrlein” in which he wears an American Flag which enhance the solemnity of this challenge.

The name of the robot which is launched by an American company is “Mark 2”. The actual weight of this giant robot is around 6000 kilograms and it can easily operate by 2 pilots. The person sit in the cockpit could able to fire 3 lbs. paint cannon balls with a speed of 100 miles/hour. On the contrary, Japanese robot Kuratas just weight only 4500 kilograms but it is equipped with Gatling guns with a skilled targeting system.

The challenge not set time for duel battle. He quoted that, this battle is going to be destructive and we need modification, according to our skills. There is no confirmation received yet from Japanese company “Suidobashi” either they have accepted the challenge or not. The co-founder of mega bots also reveals that we would like to organize this amazing and destructive battle here in New Mexico with the confirmation of Suidobashi. He knows that there are lots of companies who are trying to make giants robots but after Japan we are the only one who gets success.

Now, summarizing a long story into short, one of the biggest companies of Japan received a challenge for duel robot battle fight from USA based company named Mega bots. According to analysts, it could be a marketing strategy for Pacific Rim movie sequel. On the other hand co-founder of mega bots posted a video over the internet in which he openly challenges the giant robot of japan named “kuratas”. According to him this war is going to be held next year until and unless Japanese firm accepts the challenge.

No matter what is the purpose of this strategy but making this kind of robots is a sign of heading toward really destructive world war. Technology makes people wilder because they always think to invent something really destructive. Now wait and watch what is going to be next? Either it is a marketing technique, attention seeking technique or symptoms for heading toward war.

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