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NSA Confirms that the Skynet Technology is Available in Real

Actually Skynet is a self-aware system which is used for artificial intelligence purpose. This system was first presented through a famous Hollywood movie named “Terminator”. Recently the officials of NSA affirm that the presence of Skynet is real. Something fishy in this news because we have noticed that NSA is going to launched its secret surveillance program. It might be possible that they are using the name of Skynet for their secret surveillance program.

There are many few people who know what exactly Skynet is but lots of people do not know about this terminology. Actually, Skynet is a strong security program which is operated by NSA (National Security Agency). Skynet helps in monitoring the communications of people and location via an advanced tracking system. It uses the medium of mobile signal, internet signals, call recordings, metadata, and others for secret surveillance. Due to this advanced and real technology, one of the famous journalists of Al-Jazeera named “Muaffaq” was captured because he was sharing secret information with a terrorist.

In a recent meeting which was lead by CIA former agent named “Edward” & NSA. In this meeting, a detailed discussion was held related to Skynet. According CIA former agent, he affirms that Skynet is “Shared research effort of intelligence system”. It can detect suspicious activity by analyzing geotemporal & geospatial data and transmit it into DNR pattern to the local system. This advanced technology is really helpful for the sake of our world; we must appreciate the invention of this technology from NSA.

Skynet Technology

Peoples related to Skynet operation continuously presented the path of Skynet working. There are lots of confidential documents related to this technology in which how this machine or system works in order to detect suspicious activity. There is some sort of scoring system on the basis of which it identified a suspicious activity. In the presentation, CIA agent affirms that Skynet detect a journalist of Al-Jazeera on the basis of scoring. Later on, the news revealed that that particular reported was a member of Al-Qaeda and used to involved in suspicious activities

That particular reported of Al-Jazeera named “Zaidan” have done many interviews of top level Al-Qaeda agents in which Osama Bin Laden also included. During an interrogation, he denied the involvement with Al-Qaeda. On the contrary, he starts blaming this advance intelligence system of NSA.

It is quite obvious now that this amazing system detects activity on the basis of metadata or GSM signals. With the help of this advanced artificial intelligence machine, we can detect a person social life, traveling pattern, life pattern, private calls and else to categorized under suspicious or not.

There is no doubt about it that interfering in the personal life of common people via this advance system is not allowed but for the sake of people and world safety they are using this mechanism. On that basis; reported of Al-Jazeera blamed the NSA official that it is illegal to access contact book, calls, and other activity to record just for the sake of monitoring. It is illegal and complete violation of our prestigious journalism field.

While summarizing a long story short, this technology is available in real and no more limited to movies like terminator only. The higher official bodies are using this system in order to detect suspicious activities going on within the premises of our country. No matter where you are and what you are, with this advance intelligence system you can never be safe because they are monitoring you every time.

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