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James Cameron Innovative Tracking Solar Panel Is Ready To Work

You will shock when you came to know that the legendary film director James Cameron invented a gigantic solar flower which has an ability to track the sun. James Cameron is very much famous because of his exceptional movie named “AVATAR”, other famous movies of Cameron was 1912 Cruise ship, Extraterrestrial war, and lots more. He used to take a big project as a challenge and this time he gains the attention by inventing some innovative solar panel. Our society knows James Cameron as a film director but other than he is a pioneered person in Deep Sea Exploration and worked with NASA.

The main perspective of designing Sun tracking Solar Panel is to feed the harness of people. He assumes that due to this technology people can use this as an alternative of other energy plants. This setup is human-friendly and can easily adjusted on your dwelling’s roof top. This solar panel has the tracking capability because due to this it can soak the maximum amount of energy from Sun.

The structure of this amazing Solar Panel is very attractive because James Cameron tried to give the appearance of a flower. The height of the structure is almost 10 meters & the width of it is almost 9 meters. It is equipped with 14 solar panel plates surrounded by one central panel in the form of petals. When you see this gigantic structure you can’t live without appreciating his effort and creative technique for inventing this classic power plant.

The next question which surely comes in everyone mind that does he worked alone in this invention? The answer is NO!

Because one of the biggest companies named “SONNEN” worked with Cameron and make his dream come true. The designers & technical staff of “SONNEN” created a tracking system for this solar panel; the tracking system has built-in astronomical data so that it can calculate sun’s position by itself. This tracking system provides an ease to adjust its face according to sun’s location without any extra effort.

Tracking Solar Panel

James Cameron installed his first invented Solar panel in a non-profitable institution located in Malibu of the MUSE school. Due to this effort student of that school could learn sustainability and understand the importance of the environment. In an interview, James revealed that his wife “Suzy Cameron” also contributed for this sake. Currently, James is working to launched powerful Tesla battery so that maximum amount of energy could be stored for its use.

In the MUSE school, James installed a set of 5 solar plants which can generate up to 260 KWh per day, Isn’t it amazing? This amount of energy easily fulfills the need of school up to 85 to 90 percent. One good thing about Solar Panel is that it can give 100% production in the month of summer because of high-intensity sunlight. While concluding this average rate of energy into a wider perspective, single dwelling of US consumes 29 KWh of energy per day. It means that only one plant can easily fulfill the requirement of the single house easily without any extra efforts.

James Cameron also shows his concern about copyrights because in this world there are lots of black sheep who are trying to claim its ownership. In order to avoid these uncertainties, James is working to make all his designs as an open-source. The term open-source means, it can be copied or replicated throughout the world without any concern of trademark or brand. James is also working to launched some special platform for the students of MUSE schools so that, they can monitor each and everything about that solar panel.

The overall appearance of this giant solar flower is an amazing invention from James. It looks really good and also acts as a shade. In a wider perspective, it looks like an umbrella or a movable umbrella.

This device has lots of benefits because it can be installed anywhere, anytime where electricity is not available. This cheap setup for the provision of energy could facilitate human mankind from all over the world. There are lots of experts working for the sake of human mankind by inventing innovative system but expecting it from a legendary film director is quite amazing. James wanted to spread this design all over the world because it is human-friendly & sustainable design.

While summarizing a long story short, this amazing Solar Flower Panel technology stands out in this modern world because it is designed according to the requirement of common people. James Cameron really wanted to do something for the sake of society because he does not need any fame; if he needs fame then he must start selling this amazing idea under the shed of some reputable brand. On the contrary, he open-source this design and trying to facilitate people from all over the world.

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