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Google Hired This Brilliant Kid At 18

A lot of people around the world crave to get a job at Google and the company has successfully managed to employ some of the world’s most brilliant minds in their company. But have you ever heard about an 18 year getting a job in Google. If not, then here he is Larry Gadea, the founder and CEO of the San Francisco based visitor-registration software Envoy who was hired by the Google even before entering the college.

The job at Google came just after he completed his high school at an age of 18. The Gadea’s love for computers was so strong that he started programming when he was just 8 years old and was already writing the games.

But the actual achievement of his that put him in the Google’s observation was the development of a plug-in for the Google Desktop Search. It was very helpful for the internet users in finding and indexing files in their computers which the Google desktop search was unable to do. This plug in of Gadea became very poplar owing to its usefulness in the search feature.

In an interview to the business insider he pointed out about the absence plug-ins in the Google Desktop Search at that time. According to him he noticed that the Google didn’t allow any plug-ins in their Google desktop Search and he was first to make a hack that ultimately made the Google to allow plug-ins.

The first email he got from Google made him somewhat terrified. The thought that immediately crossed his mind was that he has done something illegal but to his surprise in that email Google had asked him to work for them instead of working on his own.

It was a dream come true for the Gadea at that time as he said that they wanted him to work full time there and he immediately became super excited on the idea of an 18 years old getting an offer to work at one of the most reputable IT company while recalling that time.

But the main problem was the Gadea’s age and Google didn’t know about that. As a Canadian citizen, he needed a visa for full-time working in the USA but without a college degree it is impossible to get Visa approval from US authorities.

So they agreed on a simple way out. Google interned him during the summer holidays before starting his college at their Mountain View office instead of working as a full-time employee. But until the completion of a three month internship period during the summer he successfully managed to prove his worth to the Google and Google didn’t wanted him to leave the company. So the company again offered to hire him as one of the first few engineers at Google Canada, to work there part time during his college years which expanded at a period of around four years. During this period he worked on several other projects for Google as well.

Google Hired This Brilliant Kid At 18

After graduating from the college he went to try something different. Twitter was a very ideal platform for the innovative and talented minds like Gadea in those days. So he seeked help from his boss and asked her to introduce him to the twitter.

According to Gadea her boss introduced him to the twitter’s co founder Mr Ev Williams who took his interview and then offered him a job.

The next 2 years and 9 moths Gadea worked at twitter and authored a Data Center Optimization technology named as “Murder” which had a landmark contribution in minimizing the “Fail Whales”. It is a term used to elaborate the twitter’s crashes that were very frequent during the twitter’s early years. Other ventures that Larry Gadea had undertaken while his stay at twitter included

– He was the first to optimize the memcache/mysql usage on Rails systems for thousand-plus server environments.
– Work on “Swoop”, a system to distribute and run RSpec, TestUnit and Selenium tests in parallel amongst hundreds of servers.
– He also designed and then developed the deploy system that was used to push Twitter to production
– Development of a scalable email infrastructure optimized for sending mass email notifications
– Work on the Growth team, optimizing user sign-up flows

By the end of 2012, he wanted to have a company of his own. He started his venture by meeting people trying to find a new startup ideas and it came while visiting some friends at Google and Apple.

He came to a conclusion that the bigger companies had the resources to develop their own visitor check-in software but the smaller companies didn’t have those kinds of resources to build such software of their own and this leave them exposed to greater security risks at their offices.

So he started building software in 2013 named as Envoy that could be of much assistance at offices to check-in the visitors and keep track of the visitors.

It works through an iPad application that allows the people to print out their name tag with their photos on it. The latest version of this app can also offer to send the push notifications and show the person’s photo on the apple watch. Soon after he started this venture of his own, it immediately became a success as over 1000 offices signed up for Envoy including some of very notable companies as well like Airbnb, Pandora, GoPro, and Tesla.

The company was an utter success and this is the reason why they announced a $15 million dollar Series A investment by Andreessen Horowitz, when its general partner Chris Dixon joined the board.
In a statement to business insider he told that when you go to Silicon Valley now a day’s every other startup has Envoy at their front desks that shows how successful application this is…

Summary: Larry Gadea a brilliant kid from Canada was employed at Google at a young age of only 18 years owing to his love for computers. The following article compiles his ventures he undertaken at some of the world’s most renowned IT companies Google and Twitter and the journey towards a company of his own.

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