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What will happen to us in 200 years? We may become Cyborgs!

A recent article published in The Times of India reported that we may upgrade to robots in coming 200 years to live forever. A professor, Yuval Noah Harari, in Hebrew University Jerusalem said to times of India in this article that people will transform into immortals having control over life and death. He further explains that there are various fields which may play important role, it may be Genetic engineering, biological manipulation, or by creating cyborgs (part organic and part non organic).

Another article that was published in Telegraph shed some light on Professor Harari’s view. He said that humans are “programmed to be dissatisfied”, no matter how much achievement we gain, it is not enough for us. He further added that it will take 200 or more years for humans to transform into “divine beings”. It will be a great “evolution in biological science”. He added that cyborg technology will only be restricted to high class (rich) people. In near future, rich may live for long and poor will die early.

Similar report published in The Economic Times had religion views of Professor Harari. In this report he explained that departure from religion may urge humans to change. In this report professor explains that Silicon Valley is one of the interesting place where people believe that anything can be solved with the help of technology. There are many companies having plans to change human into machines.

We may become cyborgs within 200 years

He said that humans have become a dominant species having ability to invent fiction. During his conversation with Telegraph, he added that most legal system are based on human rights. Money is among the successful stories ever. Bankers, Finance ministers, and Storytellers will tell you money’s worth something. Human imagination enable us to cooperate and exist in society.

He has wrote a book stating the history of humanity. He said that mankind will evolve and become like gods. As compare to current human beings, our future will be different like “chimpanzees and humans”. This book by Professor Harari is published in more than 30 languages. It was initially published in Hebrew and later translated into multiple languages.

These predictions from Harari were interesting, but they are much more suited for science fiction rather than reality. It may depend on how research progress during 200 years. One thing’s for sure, people have started using bionic arms and legs. These prosthetic limbs increase the possibility of human cyborgs, but the only major part science is confused about is brain. It won’t be easy for humans to have a brain made of cyborg technology. Science has proven that our brain can survive to a particular age so calling it immortality is exaggeration.

If science is able to find answer of “how humans can survive having a brain made of tin” the possibility of human turning cyborgs will increase, until then we can’t be certain about what will happen to human in coming 200 years.

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