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Israeli Researchers Developed A Hacking Device From a Radio And a Pita Bread

Hacking has always remained a passion for a lot of people. Though it is illegal but still it is done all over the world. The hacking is usually done by the people with very sharp brains and it is generally considered a job only for the brilliant minds. But the security researchers at Tel Aviv university of Israel have elaborated new technique of hacking into the computers using only a radio and pita bread. They have made hacking a simple and cheap process which does not demands a brilliant mind at all.

They have explained a simple process for extracting the decryption keys from laptop computers only by capturing the radio waves emitted by these computers.

The idea of capturing the radio is not new to steal the data from a computer and has been done very often in the past. But the process required very sophisticated lab equipments which were equally expensive and demands very technical skills to operate.

Now the researches in Israel have been successful in doing this with simple and cheap equipment which is both easy to operate and small enough to be hid in a small space even inside pita bread. They were successful in capturing the applications that were running on a system and even the encryption keys on the computer.

Working: The working of this hacking device is based on a simple idea that every computer operation have a characteristic and unique in radio signals pattern i.e. playing games or encrypting and decrypting a file will have different radio signals pattern and it depends upon the power usage of CPU.

The attacker needs to send an email to the computer system which is to be hacked and then starts monitoring the radio signals emitted when that target computer starts to decrypt that particular email. This will allow the hacker to extract the key which is used to secure the data on that particular computer.

Device Assembly: The device is utterly simple to assemble and the hacker only needs

  • An Android based Rikomagic MK802 IV mini-computer for the purpose of controlling the dongle
  • A software-defined radio and a FUNcube Dongle Pro
  • AM radio antenna
  • piece of pita bread or any other such object for the purpose of hiding all of the above components

The use of pita bread is necessary because the device is so small that it can effectively be concealed with a piece of pita bread sandwich or any other such object like a book that does not draw much of attention towards the device.

Well this is one of the smartest hacking devices ever developed that has made hacking the public computers an utterly easy task without them knowing. The hacker just needs to remain within a distance of around 50 cm to effectively approach the target computer.

According to researchers the device was a success in its initial testing and was able to extract the required data within a matter of seconds. The team intends to present their newly developed device at the technical conference on cryptographic hardware which is going to be held in the coming September.

Summary: The researchers at Tel Aviv university have developed  an utterly simple and user friendly hacking device. The following article includes the working, principle and components of this new device.

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