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Google Unveils 17 New Android Wear Watch Faces

Google has announced in a recent conference that several features are going to be launched to its android wear section. There are many devices and upgrades on the way, the search giant launched pack of 17 wearable watch-faces for user who like to customize their wearables. Some of the watches from their collection were made in collaboration with Rubik, Rovio entertainment, Cynthia Rowley, band & Olufsen, Anrealage, and paramount. These watches are available to download from Google Play store.

The watch faces announced were “time will come, Angry birds avatar watch face, Rubik’s watch face, George frost, Anrealage watch Face, Lulu forest watch face, Rowley Wristwear, Terminator genisys, Kevin Tong, Triwa watch face, Bank & olufsen watch, hello kitty, Muji Relax, Geox Watch Face, Gundam Watch face, and Moomins watch face”.

The first batch of watch face were announced in December, and this is the second batch, nearly six month after first batch. First watches had various faces including those from despicable movie.

One thing is for certain that Google is going head to head with Apple. Just last month Apple announced their WatchOS 2 and after that Google announces theirs. Apple on the other hand give privilege to users to add photo in watch face. Users can choose from collection of photo to go with their watch. One of the new watch face announced by Apple was Time lapse, by which Apple users can select from video shot over 24 hours. It is yet to be said which watch has been successful till now, but as compare to Apple, Google might be relying on the Quantity. Sudden launch of 17 watch faces from Google is an indication that google is keeping their brand up to date.

17 New Android Wear Watch Faces

It has been little more than one year, Google store already has more than 1500 watch faces for their users. Complete collection of these can be seen in Google play.

Here are some of the features of these Google android new watches:

  • Most watch faces include no tapping, shaking, and twisting, but now it has been upgraded to new version where it can be visible to you as long as you need.
  • You can access applications just by swiping left from watch face. It responds to a new and specific gestures so scroll is simple flick.
  • You can send and receive emojis by drawing them. You can use your messaging application to send emojis to the next person.
  • Now text message will appear on screen so you can noticed it instantly.
  • You can pair it with your phone having more than one watch already.
  • Setting you favorite font size is one of the features you should checkout
  • IF you want to lock screen while you aren’t wearing it? You can do it by customizing the settings. If your watch sense that you are not wearing it then it automatically turns on lock features. It will see for a period of time and then lock, you will be required to swipe a pattern to unlock it

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