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Samsung OLED Transparent Display TV – Future Technology!

As the days pass, the things we used to think of as future high-tech gadgets are coming to life. Remember those transparent gadgets and computers used in sci-fi movies? Well, they are no longer sci-fi…well, almost. Take the new transparent Samsung OLED TV for example. The OLED displays unveiled in Hong Kong seem to be something right out of the future and, from the looks of it, Samsung clearly has some big plans for it—as clear as that transparent screen, which can even be placed in front of the a window. So quite very soon you would be able to mount your TV anywhere in the house.

The newly displayed transparent Samsung OLED TV is a 55-inch screen TV that is see-through and has some amazing specs. What’s more it can project sharp, amazingly high definition images onto that clear glass which is the screen. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes equipped with RealSense. RealSense is an Intel technology which allows users to interact with gesture instead of tactile movement…quite like how it goes in sci-fi movies.

Moreover, the company believes that the same technology used in the new transparent Samsung OLED TVs can have much better results in the future when they have integrated with Intel’s RealSense technology. Transparent OLEDs would be used for interactive ads which would utilize RealSense’s capabilities of voice and gesture control but, for now, Samsung has decided rather more “normal” tasks for the new transparent Samsung OLED TV, for example they may intend it to replace the normal LCD signage, as was suggested.

Samsung OLED Transparent Display TV

Samsung claims that its transparent OLED is a lot more sharper, clearer and colorful than similar technologies. Moreover, they show an increased color gamut as compared to LCDs. It is quite likely that it would take some for Samsung to make good on its promises and turn its plans into a reality but one can be quite sure that they are going very fast towards their goal. After all, it is a competitive world where other big companies are also doing their best to create and sell similar technologies.

Of course, it is going to take time. There are going to be bugs and issues to be solved. There is, of course the issue of how to make the screen visible only from one side. They might have already solved it, who knows, but it is an important issue. On the other hand, it must be remembered that OLED displays usually don’t require back lighting and they are highly versatile when it comes to integration with new designs. They are also very thin. So it may not be as difficult or great a task as it seems to be right now.

In any case, it is without doubt that this new transparent Samsung OLED TV is giant leap forward as far as technology is concerned and gives the nerds like us an amazing look into what is to come in the future.

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