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Samsung Attaches Screen To Semi-Truck To Show The Road Ahead

While driving on a narrow two lane road, getting stuck behind a slow moving semi-truck is equally dangerous and stressful. But the Samsung has introduced a new brilliant and innovative idea to curb this problem by introducing the new semi trucks attached with giant TV screen at the back of the truck.

According to a new video by Samsung, In Argentina one person dies every hour in a road accident. So the Argentinean branch of the South Korean technology Giant pioneered this new innovation in the road safety which they are calling as the “Safety Truck”.

This new Safety Truck includes a simple but a bit expensive system which includes a small wireless camera in front of the truck that broadcast a live feed of the road ahead on a giant TV screen on the back of the truck. This gives a clear view to any of the vehicles that is stuck behind the slow moving truck. This system also includes a night-vision mode as it is much more of a necessity for the night-time drive. The camera that is mounted on the front of the truck broadcasts a live feed on four monitors that are tacked closely to make a Giant screen together.

The company is hoping this new idea will help in bringing down the number of incidents of head-on collision from over-taking. This idea would be of much help in this regard on two lane roads. But this would not be of much help at the one way roads or multi-lane highways. According to Samsung this will also help in reducing the use of emergency braking during overtaking.

Samsung Attaches Screen To Semi-Truck

The prototype version of this safety truck has already been tested according to the Samsung officials and they are currently working in a close collaboration with the governmental and non-governmental road safety agencies in an attempt to develop the tech further. No model is on the road as of now.

Samsung assured in a statement issued that the technology came out to be a success in its initial testing and this innovation will certainly save a lot of lives.

The technology comes with some disadvantages as well. According to road safety experts the screen can also be a cause of distraction for the drivers and there are still issues about the image quality this Safety Truck offers.

This is no doubt an innovative and brilliant idea and will definitely help in reducing the number of deaths caused by road accidents but who knows when this technology will be up and running on the Argentinean road networks as Samsung was unable to provide a timeline for its development. Also there are still questions about even if this technology will be adopted by the Argentinean government in the first place.

Summary: Samsung has developed a new and innovative technology in the road safety. They are introducing what they called as “Safety Truck” in an attempt to reduce the number of ever increasing deaths in road accidents in Argentina. The technology is still in developmental phase and there is no clear indication about when it will be up and running.

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