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Oneplus One – Great Phone with awesome Specs!

This phone was originally only obtainable through an invitation earned through a variety of methods, but is now currently available for sale by anyone. The Oneplus One comes in two colors, with each color representing a different size phone. The silk white phone is available for $298, while the sandstone black is available for $348. The white phone is a 16GB phone, while the black is 64GB. It runs the Android operating system.

One popular feature is their 6 lens, 13 megapixel camera. The pictures come out crisp and professional looking, even in low light conditions. The picture show quality natural colors, not perfect, but better than most smartphone cameras. Equally impressive is their 5 pixel forward facing camera, which creates excellent quality selfies. In addition, their camera has an extra wide lens that allows for more people to be captured in that shot. This is perfect for those outings that you want to remember.

Their camera also provides users amazing 4k quality videos with decent sound quality. You are able to film in slow motion with an excellent quality video as well. Due to a lack of image stabilization in their hardware, this company created software to help make filming videos on their phone easier.

OnePlus One

The quad-core processor is a powerful piece of hardware that provides the user with an almost seamless experience while using the phone. While some games do not perform well on this phone, it is more than powerful enough for the average user and their needs. You are able to alter settings using their firmware to increase or decrease the performance in order to save battery life.

One downside is that the battery is not removable, which some people may have an issue with. Otherwise the battery life is phenomenal, a huge plus for users that are frustrated about having to recharge their phone every few hours. This phone can easily bring you to the end of the day, leaving you with battery life even by bedtime depending on your usage habits. This arguably has one of the better battery lives of most smartphones on the market today.

Another downside to this phone is the audio output. Listening to music using the speakers can be very difficult, as is trying to hear people when they call you through the earpiece. This is a problem, even at the max volume setting. This issue seems to be a software based issue, as music can be heard easily through headphones. Hopefully this can be remedied sometime in the future with some software upgrades.

This phone is OnePlus’ first smartphone. They aim to create the best smartphone, and seem to have come pretty close with their first outing. They have given users a quality phone, with a seemingly solid construction to it and high performing hardware. The price is about average for most phones of its physical size and the size of their storage capacities. This phone can definitely give its more known competitors a run for their money.

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