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Oneplus 2 – Specifications, Features, Review & Price!

Smartphone yet to be released! Oneplus 2 smart phone is in  the top news where to validate the advanced technology with increased sales figures, minimum distribution costs in order to satisfy genuine customers, it has also known as “flagship killer”. The very first phone flagship phone titled one, in essence it’s a flagship phone for less than half the price only in flagships out there..

Technology community comes with latest Smartphone is all about the company code one plus…

Oneplus smart phone is a new company from china with strong association with Chinese manufacturers; as a result we have the companies first smart phone which costs $360 for 64 Gigabyte version. It comes with 4 GB RAM & 5.5 JDI display & this acronym stands for “Japan Display Inc”.

JDI is a joint venture between Sony Toshiba & Hitachi on the unique combination brings 13 megapixel lens that suits slow motion of  120 frames per second in 720P including one hundred three thousand millions about battery backup catches the buyer’s point of view.

So far  it runs on custom version of Oxygen OS.

Profound unique feature is “it’s incredibly cheap at $299 for the 16gigabyte model in 349 from 64 Gigabyte models”.

one plus 2

An invite is an essential element to purchase the device & it’s a first phone ever produced has two USB C’s & everything transfers very fast which is almost 10 times increased transfer rate. & it’s charging backup is extremely incredible.

This Smartphone is innovation driven with unique features & analogues features of  Samsung Galaxy five  with technology driven high quality features, even it won’t leaves fingerprints because it comes with sandstone texture, on the back you can find sim injection tube tangled free wide cable & it’s a water proof too.

The phone is available in two different versions, one is Chinese, it’s like cyanogens logo on the back & comes with different software to hit the market trends & other version is global 16& 64 giga storage.

Now let’s move on to the build & design of one plus, there is protector film covering the front panel,5 megapixel camera capable of capturing 720p video & multicolored LED light on left hand side, below we have the 5.5 inch LTPS & LCD display carefully covered by temperate corning gorilla glass..

Below the screen we have three capacitive buttons and fingerprint scanner surrounding the slightly elevated glass with its plated plastic frame that runs around the whole front.

On the back we can find core surface 13 megapixel camera module with dual LED flash and laser auto focus. This device is quite big measures 150 millimeters in length, 75.9 millimeters in width & 8.9 mm in thickness.

The phone is available for official online shop in 16 countries. It has microphone with JBL speakers.

Don’t miss it, this Smartphone is something your business needs as well as for unlimited entertainment to refresh your minds.

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