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Top 10 Best Android Games to Kill Time

Mobile gaming now has become a passion of everyone and is seen everywhere. The android games have become very famous in very short time and is coming long way. Everyone has now become addictive of these games and is playing them with great passion. As these games are very lengthy but easy. Even when you start very simple game with the statement it is very simple I will not play that. But when you will play it you will be entered in it for long time. These games seem simpler but are very lengthy and tougher inside therefore they require a lot of time.

They will require a serious time to play, even when you will play these game you will be addictive of them and will be easily killing many hours. Despite of that these games are simple and easy, most of the android games can be labelled as “Time Killers”. But be aware most of your time can be killed by these games then you intend. The android games are highly addictive and time killing but my top 1o games to kill the time are listed here.

Top 10 Best Android Games to Kill Time

Top ten most addictive and time killing games

  1. Candy crush Saga

Candy crush saga is very famous android game and everyone can easily find it. This android game is very attractive and looks very simple but is very tough and time requiring game. When you will start this game the first ten stages of the game will be passed with ease but the coming stages become more and more tough. The game is endless and is always updated with new stages and with the passage of each stage it will get harder and harder. Due to its Facebook integration it is highly competitive and famous among the friends gathering. You are capable of using only 5 lives in this game and after every 30 minutes you will get one live due to which it becomes harder and time requiring game.

  1. Subway Surfer

This android game is also very addictive where you will keep coming back and will try to more and more points. This is running and point getting game and has 30 levels which increase the speed of game and point getting ability. The game is also linked with Facebook, where you will see the points of your friends and will always be trying to defeat each other. The game is very addictive and serious time requiring game due to its high level competition. The game is time requiring also due to it is endless and if you are good in this game then 1-2 games can take 15-20 minutes.

  1. Dragon fly

The game is very easy and lengthy. The game is endless and the goal of the game is to save the baby dragon from its mother as long as you can. The longer you will run and safe the baby dragon, more points you will get. The game is addicting due to its endless points and is also very easy. As the baby dragon can’t fly more therefor you have to time the jumps from the ramps of the hills to make it fly more and run more. The game is seriously time requiring and can take 5- 8 minutes per game, if you are good in it.

  1. Edge

The game seems very easy and simple. This is a puzzle game and its goal is to control the block on a floating map with no edges and to reach the end of the map without falling off. After the passing of each level the game becomes harder and harder. The game requires a lot of time due to it becomes difficult and needs your thinking ability to pass each level. To pass each level you need to sharpen your thinking ability due to which it takes great time.

  1. Grabatron

Grabatron is really unique game, as it gives the users opportunity of becoming aliens and instead of protecting the earth, you need to destroy the earth. The game is highly addictive and time taking as it gives different devil feel and its goal is to destroy more and more things to rack much points and reach next level. The game is very difficult, challenges will pop-up between the stages and will make it harder due to which this game is very time taking.

  1. Jetpack joyride

The game is very simple and its goal is to score as much as you can by touching the finger and making it fly mechanism but is great due to its great power-ups which can be bought and gained in the game. The game is time taking due to its simplicity. After you will die in one game, your first thought will be “I can do better than that” due to which is highly addictive and time taking.

  1. Osmos HD

The game is great and very soothing. The goal of the game is to make your bubble bigger and bigger by colliding your bubble with smaller bubble then yours. If you collide your bubble with another larger one then that bubble will absorb your one. The game is very slow and its music is very soothing due to which you can be involved in it and can kill you time.

  1. Smash hit

The game is very easy and is addictive due to its noisy sound and fun of breaking glass. Breaking the glass and hearing its sound is always fun and you are allowed to do that in this game. You will get some marbles and with them you will break the glass to move on safely. You will try this game again and again to get the fun and hear the sound of breaking glass which will kill many hours easily.

  1. Super hexagon

The game is very difficult and frustrating. You have to run your arrow from the closing hexagons. It seems very easy but is very hard and you can be easily died for several time in every minute. Due to its frustrating property and managing to live well this game is very addictive and time killing.

  1. Tiny towers

The game is very addictive and time killing but is at last in our list. The goal of the game is to build your tower as large as you can. To do that you will need bitizens to work in your tower, from which you will earn more money and can make long towers. The game is very addictive and time killing as it is very busy game and you will be always doing something in this game which will pass your few hours easily.

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