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Android M will have Native Fingerprint Authentication!

The future is here…oh well; it has been here for a while now with all the developments in information and technology…but what if I tell you that logging into apps will become simpler with the next version of Android? Yes, it has been reported that the next generation of android, cautiously called Android M will have ‘Native Fingerprint Authentication’.

Essentially it means that fingerprint authentication will be an intricate part of the operating system, and due to that users will not have to login to individual apps separately on the phone as their fingerprint will act as a master password. So it surely will be a good time to rejoice the demise of passwords.

Google is most likely to make this big announcement in the Google I/O Developer Conference which will take place in San Francisco On May 28 and 29. iOS users have long known the joy of using fingerprint authentication using the touch screen of their devices. Not only it frees up your brain space (remembering passwords isn’t an easy task) it is thought to be more secure.

Android M will have ‘Native Fingerprint Authentication’.

There is one thing that is on everyone’s mind but no one wants to say it out loud in fear of jinxing the whole new upgrade. In iOS devices there is a sensor that is sensitive to the fingerprint but most android devices whether it is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Samsung S6 or S6 Edge or HTC one max are devoid of any such sensor.

Does this mean we will see a whole lot of new devices pushing in the market with fingerprint sensor? Technically yes. Perhaps Google has more than an Operating System upgrade up its sleeve. May be it will introduce a new Google device with the fingerprint sensor. It only makes sense that Google will push in that direction because iOS devices are predominantly dominating the market in that particular sphere at the moment.

Not many people know this but Google had the fingerprint sensor in mind when they were working on Nexus 6 but it was scrapped last minute because Google couldn’t find a decent sensor supplier. It is urged that Apple had ransacked most of the sensor suppliers in the industry. Even if it is not true, it does add a comic dimension to the whole rivalry between iOS and Android devices.

Fingerprint sensor is more than what meets the eye. It is going to be the future of electronic payments. Industry was skeptical when Apple introduced Apple pay powered by the fingerprint sensor. It has proven to be a very effective and secure means of mobile payments. Samsung has followed the footsteps of Apple and has introduced Samsung Pay for its S6 and S6 Edge Smartphone devices.

Fingerprint sensor is definitely going to save people’s devices from being hacked. In fact it is going to give hackers a hard time trying to get into your social media apps too. So it is a win-win!

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