iOS 9 – More scope for tech giant

iOS 9 is very peculiar in style and it gives you play around more option. iOS 8 has set its place in the market and we are hoping the same from iOS 9. If you will predict about the iOS status then its release will make you feel that Apple is applying same formula in the case of the device iOS 9.

Apple iOS 9 release by far will be in this summer 2015, which is going to come in June most probably.

The latest features of iOS 9 is going to make your knee down for it. It is powered with multiple features so we should check further details regarding it. iOS 7 and iOS 8 were not up to the mark in speed in case of compatibility.

iPads, iPhones, iPod touch all the devices will be governed by iOS 9.

iOS 9

iOS 9 Features:

User Account

It will be easier for you to deter people to reach freely to your account therefore other people cannot update themselves with any of your personal stuff like your pictures or other details. All this you can see in iOS 9 so you do not need to download any particular app.

FaceTime Video

If you leave the video message to your family or loved ones then you will be updated with every details . Whether you are with your children, even in that case you cannot feel disconnected.

FaceTime Calls

FaceTime Calls is just limited for two people but app do not hang while calling and Skype limits for the conversation is of 10 people.

Split-screen multitasking

The notes creation, monitor the text of particular dates and you can keep the correct balance of the web pages with pages documents. There are number of people who love to watch video while doing other work so I think many people will adore this app.

Changing of default apps

Apple is believing in giving more stuffs to the users. Apple will be ahead as comparison to other device and iOS 9 will conclude more reason to stick to it. This is so wonderful when you can see your own default apps.

Hide the default

It is so tough to to delete the preinstalled apps but you have app to hide it forever. In the settings app, you can see display of each app.


Battery has become obvious reason to buy the product as per the need of today’s life. You have nice option of closing the notifications, location data, unused apps, WiFi, Bluetooth etc when you are not using any of the apps. Therefore, your phone will save battery.

Add new apps and control centre

Reaching to camera from the lock screen instead of reaching through control centre and you can also replace them with controlling the app via setting you use various time.

Parental control

Parental control is welcome feature for parents to give your children noteworthy restrictions. The department of music, films and educational apps that can be easily circulated. With the help of setting, you can regulate the different apps, which will not provide your baby to be reached on prohibited apps.

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