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HTC One M9 – The World Next Best Mobile Phone For The Year 2015

Well, technology lovers, here is the much awaited HTC One M9. And those who are not aware of the HTC new smartphone, they might be wondering what is it? A flagship phone? When is it launched? And many such questions. HTC mobiles are proving to be the best.

However, to answer that, it’s in the mid-march this year that this new device is being launched in the Europe as well as in Taiwan. However, with some delays, it got launched in U.S on 10th April. Surprisingly, in such a short time after the launch, due to the combination of a sleek design and highly upgraded specification, you will be pleased to know that people like it. It soon will be competing with a few others and a fair chance of winning the world best smartphone title for this year.


Nonetheless, for those who want to know, they can enjoy the full metal body, including inches of a 1080 pixel display. It is a little smaller than the One M8 by HTC another amazing smartphone, but a bit fatter than it. However, it is much faster than the previous phones launched by the company.

The thickness of the body of this device is can be because of the upgraded battery, which not is 2800mAh. Amazing? With three color choices, it is a must to try gadget. For those who love their mobiles to work fast, something worth it.
HTC mobiles are not new to the market. The smartphones the company is offering these days as well as other products is making it easier for the company to get a good grip on its position in the global market for mobile competing other companies like Samsung and Nokia.

On the front, the 4MP Ultra-Pixel will help you take a good selfie as it improves low-light performance for the device camera. With such a good battery, you will be able to use your phone for more than a day on lesser power screen.
HTC One M9 contain a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810. You will be surprised by the OS and the power this phone has to offer you. And for those who might be wondering, it’s not true, well, it’s official.

With a 3GB of RAM storage, a great processor, four cores at 2.0GHz and at 1.5GHz. This device can let you switch it between them. Subject to the usage, which is whether using a lower power mode to save the battery when full power is not required. It is running Android 5.0 Lollipop with Sense 7.0 UI interface. It’s cool!!! Isn’t it?

With a choice to pick your theme, the phone will analyze it and set the palette for the apps and icons for your home screen. Other features include the WiFi and Bluetooth support. It is not official yet, however, it is said that it will be giving both 32GB and 64GB internal storage options for the users. Confirmation yet required about this.
Having iPhone 6 as a competitor, this device is working pretty well. With the good looks and strong performance, this device has perfectly nailed to get the position of the best mobile phone.

HTC mobiles are trying it hard to make sure that they can provide their users with the world best smartphone experience. And for that, this HTC One M9 can do more than a step. So, get a look at this amazing device and find what you like the most in it. Subscribe Techspotz to get more updates directly to your inbox!

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