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Google Self Driving Cars Technology to Make Your Driving Safer & Easier

The Self driving cars are projected by the team of Google which can be great for human welfare. As the traffic tragedies and automobiles crashes have become the primary cause of death in the world of advanced automobiles technology. As the automobiles is great help to human kind but is also causing danger to them. The road accidents are the source of death of people aged 15 to 35.

Most likely these accidents are seen due to personal error. The drivers keep talking, keep texting during driving the cars and also are seen drunk during driving the cars. These self-driving cars projected by Google and invented by the engineers of Google’s team just ensure the safety of the people utilizing the automobiles. The Google’s team has finely designed these self-driving cars with great perfection to make the people comfortable and safer.

The self-driving cars are invented by the Google’s team with great use of technology to make your drive safer and to finely decrease the death percentage by cars accidents

The Engineers team of Google worked hard to invent these driverless cars. These robotic cars are equipped with equipment of $150,000 including $70,000 LIDAR system. To find the range and to know the directions a Velodyne 64-beam laser is mounted at the top of these cars. This lasers allows the car to generate the 3D map of its environment. Then these generated maps are taken by the car and are combined with high-resolution maps of the world, which produce data models of different types due to which the car is capable to drive itself. These systems work with the high definition inch-precision map of that area where the robotic car is expected to be used, including how high the traffic lights are. On the remote computer farms of these cars some computations are performed, along with on-board system. These high quality professional techniques are tested and have been approved to continue moving on the public roads. These driverless cars can be trusted due to their high level techniques and approval by different stats.


After the approval of these self-driving cars of Google and after their great success and admiration, Google’s team is moving on new concepts for the driverless cars which will have more advanced technology, features and will be providing safer and comfortable drives. The new concept of driverless cars was presented by Google in May, 2015. This concept of Google’s team presented new awesomely featured driverless cars that will neither have steering wheel nor pedals. This concept unveiled completely self-functioning prototypes. The Google will make these cars available for public in 2020 after complete tests and approvals.

These self-driving cars by Google are giving a sense of having less car accidents and deaths due to them. These driverless Google cars are highly attractive and much safer than manually driving cars. These Google driverless cars have very attractive looks and are designed to make the passengers comfortable. These cars are very safe as they are technically perfect and possess no errors as the human produce. The manually driving cars can have accidents and can cause death due to many common errors made by humans. High speed is available in the mind of every teenager and some errors during that speed can lead to death. As talking, looking here and there, texting and using mobiles are the main errors that we can make while driving and sometimes people are seen drunk. These are some of the most common errors that are the cause of road accidents and death. The self-driving cars reduce these errors and are perfect at their work due to which death ratio by road accidents can be reduced.

These self-driving cars are just perfectly invented by Engineers of Google and these cars work with great perfection to reduce the risk of death

These self-driving cars drive slowly and deliberately and with great awareness to provide you safer and comfortable journey. Along with their self-capability of working with perfection, they also reduce the errors which are usually made by the humans while driving which lead to death. The deliberate driving of these driverless cars along with perfect awareness of technology used by them reduce the errors which will decrease the death percentage by road accidents and will surely provide you safer and comfortable drive and journey.

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