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Google Now Launcher: New experience to your smartphone!

Enjoying all the android versions can cost very expensive and is not even affordable by everyone. Experiencing all the android versions is the wish of every person in the world. Due to expensive smartphones it is rather not affordable or you can only afford to enjoy one or two different android versions. Some smartphones offer upgradable android versions but are only upgraded in few circumstances and only offer very low rate to be upgraded. After looking at the requirements of the people to use advanced operating systems, Google has launched a new app which is very helpful and offers great services. The Google Now Launcher is a great pick for the people who are looking for new experience of different android versions.

Great results from Google Now Launcher just provides great results and upgrades your phone in great way to facilitate you

Google Now launcher is a software which can help you upgrade the features and operating system of your sets and have a new experience to advanced operating systems and great android versions. The software is in charge of home-screen and efficiently works behind the screen to launch the advanced and smart apps which will boost the looks of your smartphone. The Google Now launcher is also in the charge of operating system and working with that changes the layout and home screen of the set and upgrades them which will offer you great looks of experiencing new and advanced android versions. The Google now launcher changes a bunch of things in your smartphone including the launchers of your phone which will definitely offer you to feel the experience of new android versions.

The Google Now Launcher will provide you extremely pure and clean experience of new android versions and operating system by upgrading the functions and features of your set. The app directly comes from Google, so it will be also helpful to clip away anything loaded by manufacturer in one fell swap. The Google Now launcher is highly admired due to its great working and efficiently functioning to upgrade you smartphones. The most significant feature of the app beyond being super-stoked is that the leftmost homescreen of your smartphones will become Google Now.

Google Now Launcher

The left home screen of the phone which will now become Google now, will now help you to easily launch into searches, view the populated cards based on the every period of the day, your exact location, general habits for browsing and implement all types of hand frees on the bases of great commands of “OK-Google”. The cards which are populating Google can now be included with local weather, instructions to the upcoming appointments and can remind you with coming birthdays, all the updates of any type of your favorite websites, your favorite teams’ scores and latest news for change of prices of stocks and many more. The Google Now will help you in every regards. You can have reminders and can also have latest information from the app. By setting up cards which are populating Google you can also have all the latest news and all the things you need from it. The Google Now Launcher will greatly function to upgrade the working of your smartphones and provide you with all the facilities you need.

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Great app launched by Google just add perfection in the brilliance of your smartphones and provide you great experience of latest android versions

Along with providing great feel of experiencing new android versions and having great operating system and launchers in your smartphones, the app will also provide you reminders in the form of notifications in the notification tray. The Google Now Launcher now ensures that your cards are no longer away from you, they are simply very closer only need is of left-swipe from your home screens and you can have them on that left most home screens.

By complete coincidence this feature is exactly that of how spotlight search is used to be accessed in IOS. This feature of the Google Now Launcher makes it very noticeable in the android operating system which is a center of attraction for everyone and is also well-admired by the users. This feature of the Google Now Launcher seems to be a tool for general public and will be highly admired by it. This app can add perfection in the brilliance of your smartphone and can provide you great feel of experiencing different android versions, their features and great operating systems which makes this app an eye catching personality in the Google play store. The Google Now Launcher is the most promising and consistent app of the year launched by the Google which provides all the great and eye-catching services.

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