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Top 10 Best Operating Systems: The Professional, Faster and the Best

The world of advanced PCs and Mobiles need faster and professional operating systems which can fulfill their requirement and give them a new experience of smarter features. Having a great operating system means making your devices more professional and faster to work on. Everyone looks for great operating system which can provide more feature and a great working unit. If you are looking for some great operating systems with advanced features, here are some of the top best professional and reliable operating systems listed which can add perfection in your working:

Best Operating Systems

  1. Microsoft Windows 7

To see the top listed Microsoft Windows 7, the first questions arises that why not windows 8 or 8.1? As they are new and should me more advanced. The Windows 7 perfectly answer these questions with its simplicity and professional working. This operating system is very simple and can be easily installed in any CPU with 1GB RAM. As the use of Window 7 is greater due to its simple working and easily installation on any type of PC therefore is highly admired one. Windows 7 possess some great features and awesome graphics which can support any type of games and high level files. This operating system is very reliable and is very safer from any virus to ruin the programming of your PCs. The Windows 7 is very reliable, simple and easy to be installed and provide great professional features to work on.

  1. Microsoft Windows 8

The Windows 8 is the most advanced and fastest operating system yet in the world which is great to be used. This operating system possess many great features and comparatively is the best one to provide more speed and is also very professional to be used. The Windows 8 is very friendly and provides great functioning and features, but the only problem with this operating system is that it is somehow tougher and is also the complex one. The Windows 8 cannot be easily installed in lower class PCs therefore is not used most times. But for professional and high class working the Microsoft Windows 8 is the most advanced, faster and perfect one.

  1. Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the mixture of Windows and Macintosh. Its working and features look like mac but its shortcut keys and programming is similar to that of Windows. This operating system is just awesome and has an eye catching personality due to its features and graphics. The Ubuntu is very friendly operating system and is very professional to work on. The only negative point of this operating system is that it is supported by JAVA ice tea which is a weaker feature. If the Ubuntu was installed with JAVA sun then it could be seemed at the top of list due to its great working. Overall the Ubuntu is a great operating system and is a friendly one to work on it.

  1. Microsoft Windows 8.1

This operating system is the best one and can be also said as a most advanced and smartest operating system by Microsoft. The Windows 8.1 is the great replacement for those who love smarter functions and features. This operating system is more advanced due to its great features and graphics designs. The screen graphics can be personalized with great perfection and in very better ways to get the better looks. You can personalize home screen with large sized tiles or more tiles with group naming and more apps. Also possess control panel of metro and many more. The Microsoft Windows 8.1 is the coolest one but not the professional to work on but its great features and personalization systems move it on to be more admired one.

  1. Windows XP professional

The Windows XP is all time favorite and is the oldest one which is admired yet. The XP is the not coolest one but is the simplest one and is the more reliable and stable operating system around the world. The Windows XP is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to install and is the best one. The Windows XP is considered to be more user friendly but due to its simplicity it is at 5th position in this list.

  1. Linux mint

The Linux mint is far more better than other operating systems of its kind. The Mint is easy to operate and is the best one for new ones. The Linux mint functioning is based on Ubuntu and is installed with great features. Anyone can love its simple working with great featuring but is not considered as more professional one. However, the Linux mint is more reliable and fast working than other operating systems of its kind.

  1. Macintosh (MAC) OSX

The mac operating system is comparatively easiest and the best one. This operating system is easy to use and is the perfect for the beginners. However, it is the easiest one but is not the simplest one. The features of this operating system are just awesome and are very simple. The working of this operating system is very efficient and is the one of the very reliable operating systems in the world. However, its great features and simplicity is best one for beginners and simple using persons, but is not the perfect one for the professional use.

  1. Windows XP

However, the windows XP is the simplest and the easiest one, but is the all-time favorite operating system of everyone. From beginners to the professional workers windows XP can be considered as the very best choice to work on. Though, it is oldest one but its functioning is great and very fast. The windows XP is a considerable choice for everyone and can be the best one for some simplicity loving persons.

  1. Android

The android operating system can reach on the first position in the list in coming years of the modern and coolest world. Now the android OS system has become the most followed and loved personality. The Android operating system is the best one and is highly admired one due to its great features and apps pre-installed in it. Coming with great personalization features and is advancing day by day. This is the safest and most admired operating system in the world and is protected from virus and offers great reliability due to which it is considered as the best one.

  1. Microsoft Windows Vista

Compared to other operating systems, Microsoft Windows Vista is considered as the worst operating system. But for those who considered it as the worst one, it can be stated that they have worst PCs and bad software system. The Vista is one of the fastest and more reliable operating system and is very great. Due to its great functioning it can be considered as good one if not better than other operating systems.

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