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Buzz Kill App | New Technology to Kill Mosquitoes with your Smart Phone

Hey Everyone! To be clear, it’s not a fake news, many people misunderstood as it’s fools day today. This is a new app developed by freecharge engineers, They were concerned as 8 of their staffs were affected by dengue. This is really interesting, read full article to know more about the exciting app. They had made nothing new, but just turned some interesting facts about insects to an most required and useful app for India.

Question – “If you can use your smartphone as a torch, then why not as a mosquito repellent?”

Answer: Yes you can! After an extensive research for over 2 months, they have found dragonfly eat mosquito and  how can a smartphone be used as a mosquito repellent.

Fact! Dragon fly sits right on top of mosquito in food chain. An average dragon fly flows it’s wing at 15KHz frequency! Mosquitoes are cold blooded, their temperatures range from 71 – 74 Fahrenheit.

So, if we can emit waves of frequency of 15 Khz from our smart phones, we should be able to kill all the mosquitoes in surrounding. After 3 months of research and testing, freecharge, today proudly announces Buzz Kill, first exclusive app to kill mosquitoes.

Buzz Kill is an android app designed by freecharge engineers, it is a easy to use app available for free for all platforms, the app works awesome! The moment you hit search, buzz kill scan and creates a heat map around you. And it looks for unique heat signatures in the temperature range of mosquitoes, and counts the number of mosquitoes around you in approx. of 5 meter radius. after you the the number of mosquitoes around you press activate. Leave it for 5 mins, and after it the app again scans for mosquitoes and tells you the number of mosquitoes killed!

Great thinking right! And they are also rewarding you for this social work! Yes, you will get Rs.10 free freecharge credits for every 100 mosquitoes you kill!! And this service is only for the first month usage of the app as promotion, for example if you have killed 3000 mosquitoes, then you will be rewarded with Rs.300 freecharge credits.

Check out the video below, what the developers say about the app!

I guess now people will run after mosquitoe to kill them and get free recharge (just kidding). The will be available soon for download. Keep reading techspotz to know more..

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