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Apple Smartwatch – Features, Specifications & Review

Apple Smartwatch Review

You can find a wide range of smart watches in the modern world. If you are looking for a stylish, elegant and a fashionable one out of them, Apple Smartwatch should come to the top of your list. It can simply be defined as a waterproof smart watch that is compatible with hundreds of apps. It is compatible with all the modern Apple iPhones out there. This fact has given a huge consumer base for the Apple Smart watch.


Apple Smartwatch


Apple Smart Watch is equipped with a sleek and a modern look. In other words, it is associated with an ‘e-paper’ type display that measures 1.26 inch in size. This display has a screen resolution of 144*168 pixels. This e-paper type display provides a crisp look with reflective graphics. Therefore, you can see a clear difference between this graphics that are displayed on this display and a traditional black and white LCD display. You can also find a small button on the left side of this smartwatch that can be used to turn on the LED backlight. This smart watch comes in five different colors as gray, white, black, red and orange. Out of these colors, black has gained much attention among consumers. The rubberized band provides comfort to your wrist and you can wear it throughout the entire day. Moreover, it can be used when showering or swimming as well. The dimensions of this smartwatch measure 39*36.8*10 in millimeters and it weighs around 59g.


Apple Smart Watch is powered by a Cortex M3 ARM processor. It is paired with an ambient light sensor, a magnetometer and a three axis accelerometer. You can also find a small onboard storage space that can be used to download apps. This memory is capable enough to hold 8 different apps or watch faces. The 130mAh battery has also delivered an impressive battery life to this smartwatch. Moreover, the wristband of this watch operates as the Bluetooth 4.0 LE antenna.


The first ever Apple Watch didn’t have an app store. However, the new version is equipped with an official app store that can be used to download all the apps you prefer. Since this app is integrated with Apple app store, you can control it through your smartphone as well. You can download any app you prefer from this appstore through your account. It is extremely easy to install and uninstall these app to your Apple Smart Watch. All the notifications of your iOS smartphone will be displayed promptly on the smartwatch.


Apple Smartwatch can be considered as an ideal smartwatch available for the everyday consumers out there. It is compatible with hundreds of apps that are specifically designed to make your life easy. Moreover, you can wear it on your wrist without any discomfort and enjoy all its features throughout the entire day. It is marked at a reasonable price and you can think of purchasing without any doubt on mind. Stay connected with techspotz to know more about upcoming gadgets.

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