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Android Version 6 “Muffin” – Detailed Study

Hi Guys! Android operating system is always rocking among the gadget lovers, many smartphones like Samsung, Sony, Lg use android. As you all know Android version 5 Lollipop was the best ever android version ever seen, but here is an replacement, the big, better and best android version 6 “Muffin”. There is a confusion between the new Name given to android version 6 it may be Muffin or Milkshake, but I’m going to use Muffin throughout this article. Let’s have a look at what’s hot about this new android version.

Android Muffin v6

Android Version 6 – Muffin

Settings Made Easier – Quick Settings

Settings in all the android user interfaces are always complicated and it’s difficult to navigate to a deep setting of a feature in user interfaces like touchwiz. But this thing has overcome in new Android version 6, the settings are made easier to navigate and use, moreover quick settings have been bought up. Features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, aeroplane¬†mode, auto rotate, flashlight are located in the first page of main drop-down instead at the top, and the notifications at a separate page.

Battery upto 2 days!

Battery is always a problem in all smartphones, phones before release of Samsung galaxy grand where struggling to save battery, but after that some actions were taken to maximize battery usage. Now new technologies have came up, which could charge regular smartphone batteries of 2000-3000 mAh in just seconds! This Android version Muffin, has built up such that, the user gains maximum of this battery, and it also comes with a unique kill apps button, a button which will kill all the recently opened and background apps, this feature is already there in many platforms, but it is new here.

Material Design 2.0

The new material design of android muffin is awesome, but it lacks 3D views. The design inside every user interfaces of older android version were almost same, but the new android muffin has a brand new material design which they have named Android’s Material Design 2.0.

android version 6 - material design 2.0

Material Design 2.0


New Gadgets

This new android OS is exclusively designed for the new gadgets like Smart Watch, Smart Television, Smart Glasses, etc. Not that, it will not be looking good with smartphones, but the main intention of the upgrade is make android more gadget friendly. New smart watches of Android OS is been made by samsung in collaboration with other big companies, which will be powered with Muffin.

Google’s Android Auto

Android Muffin will have pre integrated¬†Google’s Android Auto software which will be built into upcoming cars as standard, so you never need to plug in your smartphone!

This version of android will be first available in Google Nexus 6, well that’s not official. It will the most impressive and user friendly operating system of android ever. Muffin maybe released by mid of 2016. To get more exciting news about technology and to blog like a pro, don’t forget to subscribe techspotz!

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