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LG and Samsung to Launch Totally Flexible Phone!

Ever imagined some touchscreen which would be impermeable or unbreakable? The reality and technology has dawned upon us folks, yes just like in the science fiction movies where you would see some rash futuristic device with bendable characteristics. Watched torn? Yeah don’t freak out, they are becoming real. We may have never imagined that this would be real, just like the invention of motion film, phone camera, android etc. which has revolutionized us this has also taken us by an amaze.

Here is the big news, LG and Samsung are planning to unveil their phones made of flexible display, it is rumoured that the screen will be curved at a specific angle. The technology also brings unbreakability to the equation… Yes the device screen will not break. Even if you drop the device to the ground you will be good to go as you left it.

As per the latest news, LG G5 will be the first ever smartphone in world to have this feature, we can bend this phone to any extent, just kidding, but it is bendable, rollable! liquid batteries are been set up inbuilt, although everything is ready, there are hundreds of problem with the advanced mobile, so we hope the phone will be out, as soon as all the problems got fixed!

Samsung has confirmed the curved or angled display phones which are named as the “Galaxy Note 3 Active” which is supposed to be announced next week, while LG has introduced LG Z series (an incantation of z axis) which will be launching next month. The device will be boasting a Full HD concave display and is supposed to be their flagship model.

As per say the device will not actually be flexible as the technology of making the battery and socket bendable is not yet invented. But the current technology (OLED) will be featuring less screen bezel and will be unbreakable and that is why Samsung has stuck the moniker of active.
Both of these phones will be produced in small quantities as the manufacturers are not able to mass produce the displays yet.

It’s good to see such technological advancements; looks like the future is upon us with everyday a new thing is invented hoping for further development, have fun and enjoy cheers! And don’t forget to subscribe techspotz to get such awesome news directly to your inbox!

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