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Install Android Drivers Using Pdanet For Any Android Device

Pdanet is a software which allows you to tether your phone with your computer so you can use the internet. Not only this Pdanet allows you to Install Android drivers for your Android device for your computer so you can easily do things on your device such as rooting and using ADB on your phone through Computer.

You can find some of the drivers of some big daddies of mobile like Samsung, HTC etc. over the internet but if you have any device which is not popular of expensive like devices of these companies then you will surely have lots of problems while finding drivers for them and even sometimes your won’t even find the drivers and you would be cursed!

But don’t worry guys Pdanet comes here to protect you from the curse and allows you to install any driver for any mobile whether is made by big companies or a local manufacturer, you don’t need to worry as Pdanet does all the work on its own. No! it doesn’t do all the work on its own, you have to do work yourself too! Take a look at the tutorial below to know how to do that.

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How to Install Android Drivers Using Pdanet

  • Download Pdanet – LINK
  • Don’t connect your phone to your PC, if it is already connected then disconnect it
  • Open Pdanet and install it
  • Continue the installation process until you see a screen which includes the name drivers in it
  • This Step is for those who tried to install their phone drivers before and were unsuccessful if you didn’t tried you can skip this step » You will see a screen which will ask you to uninstall previous drivers and install the new drivers young Pdanet. Click on Yes
  • After you have performed the above steps you will encounter a new screen which will look similar to this image and ask you to select manufacturer of your device, If you don’t see your manufacturer in this list then click on other.
  • A warning from Windows will come, click on Install this driver software anyway. If it appears many times just keep clicking the same.
  • After the above steps Pdanet will ask you to connect your phone with your PC after it, it will start installing drivers. Once it is done you have successfully installed the drivers!!
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