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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 8.1 Right Now

Windows 8.1 has been recently launched and if you have been running your computer on Windows 7 or XP and didn’t wanted to upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 then we will tell you 5 reasons that why you should finally leave that old operating system and upgrade to the new one. ALl the bus and problems of windows 8 has been completely fixed in windows 8.1, and also the start button was replaced, there are some of the facts which makes windows 8.1 awesome. So, lets see some interesting things about windows 8.1

Lots of Customization

Customization is the best part that everyone likes in an Operating System. After the release of windows 8, Microsoft took customization to a new level and in Windows 8.1 it is taken a step further. A lot of new color choices and adjustable tile size has been added. And instead of the static images/design on the start screen you can use a slideshow of your own images of your loved ones. This doesn’t stops here, you can also enable or disable the hot corners or even change their functions!

Boot directly in Desktop

The start screen created a lot of hassle in Windows 8 and people started to miss their desktop which they always saw after booting their computer. But now in Windows 8.1 you can now again directly boot into Desktop. But there also people who loved the new start screen and that is why there is a choice to boot into desktop or start screen.

Smart Search

Searching is the best way to find files on computer, even on internet we search for information. And this time Windows 8.1 would be combining both of the things in one search engine. Which means that if you search anything on your computer, let say ‘Barack Obama’ then it will search all the files related to it on your computer as well as it will display web results from Bing on that topic.

Easy To Configure

Many users who loved to play with settings were kind of confused in Windows 8 as it had different settings for the start screen and desktop, due to which people weren’t able to play with them as the control panel had different settings whereas the Start screen settings were different. But in Windows 8.1 settings are more easier to use and it is much more comprehensive. This makes tweaking in Windows 8.1 easier.

Best App Store

Appstore for Windows was first introduced in Windows 8 and in Windows 8.1 Microsoft is taking it one step further. In the new app store apps are updated automatically and all of your software can be seen under one roof. The new store has a totally new look, with apps having their description beside the application, which means that you can get to know about the app without opening it.

These were the 5 reason we would suggest you to upgrade to Windows 8.1 although there are many more reasons which you will get to know after you Install it. Subscribe to techspotz to get all our updates in your inbox directly!

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