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Top 5 Powerful Tips to Speed up Windows 8 Boot Time!

Nowadays every windows user have updated to windows 8! but there were many issues in windows 8 which is believed to be solved in windows 10. Everything will be fixed in windows 10. But it is yet to be in market for sale. And it will take another year or so to everyone upgrade to windows 10.

This article is for those who are comfortable with windows 8 and want to decrease the windows boot time and make their experience more smarter! I have been using this tactics right from windows launch ( I have bought it 2 days after sales started! ). But thought to share it with you, because 2 of my friends were asking me “Is there any way to speed up win 8 booting time” which led me to write this post.

These are simple alterations made in windows 8 to speed up booting time, you might have come across these settings number of times, but will never know these silly things can improve your windows 8 boot time.

Powerful Tips to Speed up Windows 8 Boot Time

#5 – Clear Cache Memory!

  • Goto RUN, by holding windows key + R.
  • Now type %temp% and hit enter.
  • You’ll be taken to a folder with so many junk files, just delete them all!
  • Now again goto run and do the same for temp and prefetch.
Cool! Now you have cleared all your cache memory!

#4 – Disable all startup services

  • Goto RUN, by holding windows key + R.
  • Now type services.msc and hit enter.
  • Services Menu will open, just stop all service which are not essential.

#3 – Clean Startup Folder!

  • Open your file explorer
  • Paste the following address in it and hit enter!

C:Userswin8AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup

  • Delete all the file present there! 

#2 – Disable all startup programs!

  • Goto Task Manager ( Ctrl + Shift + Del )
  • Navigate to Startup tab.
  • Disable all unwanted program by right click ยป disable!

#1 – Turn on fast Startup!

  • Goto control panel.
  • Click on power options
  • Then click on choose what the power buttons do
  • Scroll down, you’ll find turn on fast startup
  • Check it! 
Hope you like this post, I am damn sure that after implementing these 5 tips, your boot time would have reduced by 60 to 70%. Share it with your friends and also subscribe our newsletter to get such awesome articles directly to your inbox!

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