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Top 10 Powerful Tips to Utilise Your Smartphone Battery 30% Extra!

Smartphones have become an important device in our day to day life, almost all smartphones posses famous operating system like android, iOS, windows, which enable us to do multi tasking better! Now, it’s possible to everything we in our computer, in smart phones itself.

And the major benefit of it is, it’s handy! which attracted all of us, but major thing which made it handy became a drawback in smartphone community at starting, to be clear it was battery issue, the famous smartphones like samsung galaxy grand with high tech feature had it’s battery with a large drawback, it was said that it could not survive more than 10 hours for an average use…

So, in this article i will share some useful tips with you, which can decrease your battery consumption by 30%, there are lot of tips around the web and many apps which guarantee you to decrease battery consumption out of which this article is powerful and tested manually!

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The ultimate charging tip!

Most of us do this mistake, it’s all because of excitement and surprise. Never charge your battery when it is more than 70% charged, use your battery until it becomes 20% and then charge it completely, that is 100%. Old batteries which is based on nickel reduces as you charge it every time, this problem was overcome with lithium based batteries still it will reduce your battery life if you always charge it for short periods.

Know your battery completely!

You can study your battery completely with your smartphone itself, new smartphones have this feature inbuilt, where many apps are available in apple store and google play for free to check all your battery status. This feature let’s you know your battery usage by other apps, even the app itself, how much more time you can use your battery, your battery temperature and what to do to increase more time.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Almost all are familiar with this tip, reducing your screen brightness has dual benefits! Ya, one is it will decrease your battery consumption, the other is, it is good for your eyes. I would recommend you to reduce your brightness to 30-40% which will be accurate for both quality and battery usage. If you wanna enjoy HD movies, then you may increase it to extreme level for time being.

Reduce your dim and sleep timeout!

Yet, it is another powerful tip, people in this fast running world forgot everything easily, one of them and a silly thing is to lock their phone, I mean the screen lock. People unknowingly set their dim and sleep mode timer to a great level, which will result in a huge battery loss. If you forgot to lock it, then the phone will automatically run unwanted apps and eat your whole battery.

Turn off vibration

It may sound silly, but this feature plays a major role in battery life, according to me vibration is a unwanted feature in smartphones, the only benefit of it is, it will make sense for notifications and calls in a noisy area, but it has more disadvantages than advantages, so turn off vibrations.

Turn off bluetooth & wifi when not in use

If your bluetooth is on always then you are losing 20% of your battery every time when your smartphone is out charge. However wifi will not drive your battery more, but it also does to some extend, so turn off all connectivities when not in use.

Turn off unwanted notifications

Being notified is important, for unwanted thing is waste of time and battery. Turn off unwanted notifications and also delete your notifications as soon as you read it, because pending notification also drain your battery to some extent.

Clear Memory & Background Apps

These apps, may be important, running in background when it is not in use will eat your battery like anything, you may admire the features of an extraordinary app, but know the fact that it will also consume battery for those awesome features.

Minimize Advanced Networks

Reduce usage of advanced networks like 4G, 3G will also drain your battery quickly, this may not have a direct impact on your battery but suck your battery indirectly. Use these networks for browsing and other purposes, but turn them off if you are not using it.

Physical Condition

Actually this tip should not be at last, it is very important, do not expose your phone to extreme weather conditions, do not cool it too much also. This is a very important note, which you may have seen at top in precautions of battery use.

Final words…

Smartphone are essential gadgets for 20th century, so use it the right way as instructed by your smartphone dealer to enjoy maximum benefits of it. If you like this article share it with your friends and also subscribe your newsletter to get all your updates directly to your inbox!

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