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Increase Data Transfer Rate of an External Device by 200% & Copy Files Faster!

Hey guys! I’m back with new, simple and awesome trick, which will be useful for you in day to day computer usage and that is How increase your USB Data Transfer rate by 200%, It will increase more depending upon your processor, RAM, etc.

The main trick is to optimize your computer to work better and dedicate more percent of processing to data transfers to external drives. Even when you use a high tech computer with 8GB RAM and good processor, even then if your transfer any files from computer to pendrives or pen-drives to computer then the speed will really suck! And if you are copying data from one external drive to another external drive then that’s all, it will be slower than a tortoise! So, learn how to optimize your computer to copy data and file faster and use it. It also depends on the external device you use and the type of cable you use to copy also!

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate to/from an External Drive

  • Open My Computer!
  • Right Click on the External device and click on Properties
  • Now goto Hardwares tab and select your External Hard drive and click on Properties.
  • Now click on Change Settings.
  • Now goto Policy tab and change the default option, i.e, “Quick Removal” to “Better Performance”.
Congo! Now try copying files from your Computer to Pendrive, External hard disk or any other external device, you full find it more than double the previous speed! Cool right! If you like this tutorial share it with your friends using the buttons below and also subscribe our newsletter to get more such tutorials directly to your inbox!

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