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How to Trace IP Address of a Website using Command Prompt(CMD)

Every website has an IP address provided by their hosting computer/network. This IP address holds the details of location of server, information about the server, and if the security precautions are flexible then a ethical hacked can hack your hosting computer with this IP address, I hope now you can understand the importance of IP address of your website.This IP address can be traced by many methods, some sites keep it confidential, whereas there are some underground hacking tricks by which they can also be found. And most of the hosting servers are open, because they are strong enough to face any type of hacking attack, Now let us see how to find it out.

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How to Trace IP Address of a Website using CMD

Open CMD, by Holding windows key and R together and then type cmd and hit enter.
Now type ping and hit enter, note your internet should have access in order to obtain IP address, for example if you are trying to trace the IP address of Google, then type ping Now below you will get information about the site’s IP, ping rate, duration, etc.


That’s it, you got the IP address of this site, if you have self hosted your website, then you can browse it using this IP address also! If you like this tutorial do share it with your friends using the social share buttons below and also subscribe our newsletter to get more such tutorials directly to your inbox!

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